How Yoga Makes Sex Better

There’s so much about yoga that we don’t know or can’t comprehend—and by we, I mean all of us—from the practiced yogis and yoginis to those who don’t know the "y" of yoga. As we have oft reiterated, yoga is not just exercise. Practiced daily with all yamas (dos) and niyamas (don’ts); it slowly becomes a way of living life more mindfully than before. Being a yogi doesn’t mean you go climb a mountain and do years of penance—it simply means inculcating more goodness in your life than the bad and balancing out the negativity with positive energy. Being a yogi means you begin to value the air that fills your lungs and the blood that rushes through your every cell to nourish it and detoxify it. It makes you more aware within and on the outside. It makes you stronger, physically and mentally. And if that is also not enough to sway you into trying out a few poses, well, practicing yoga can definitely make you better at sex and help you have better orgasms as well…

1. You Become Mindful & Learn to Live in the Moment

Yoga instills an awareness of mind, soul, and body. Practising asanas and meditation leads to better comprehension, within and on the outside. It helps you see your place in the universe, appreciate your uniqueness and make you self-aware about your faults so as to embark on the path of self-improvement. So to cut the chatter short, you get to yourself a little better and learn to live in the moment a bit better too. And isn’t that what better sex is all about? To truly be in perfect tandem with your partner and also, be in tune with your body as well? 

2. You Invariably End Up Doing Kegels

For any of you who still haven’t heard about the Kegels (aka the mula or moola bandha), it’s an exercise that tightens pelvic floor muscles and gives both women and men better orgasms (and also to men, better ejaculatory control). Now when doing the balancing poses of yoga, like a Surya Namaskar or even a warrior pose, you end up tightening your core. Along with your core, you also tighten your sphincter muscle as well as the muscles used to control urination. So you end up doing Kegels. Isn’t that good enough incentive to unwrap that spanking new yoga mat?

3. You Learn to Breathe Just Right (The Intro to Tantric Sex)

Yoga, along with its asanas, is almost ritualistic when it comes to breathing. In fact, the pranayama is nothing but breathing exercises that help you get the most oxygen for your body and throw out the toxins with the forceful exhale. There are also breathing techniques you follow for each asana: each step comes with an inhale, an exhale, or a stillness of breath. This helps you get the most benefit from the exercise and instills a mindfulness of breath in you. You learn, via the pranayama, to breathe right—and how breath control leads to an awareness of your body. This mindfulness can translate into better sex as you become more aware of when to take a deep breath, when to hold it and when to exhale to let the pleasure wash over you. This is also an introduction to tantric sex where to heighten pleasure, both partners gaze into each other’s eyes and synchronize their breaths.

4. Your Improved Flexibility Can Lead to Interesting Encounters

Yoga improves your flexibility—it limbers those muscles and joints in a way that makes you able to touch your toes, for starters, and more after that. So all this improved stretchability and eventually, more of a toned body, means you can become a little more adventurous in bed than before. There are plenty of positions to try if the Kama Sutra is to be believed—so more reason to give yoga a whirl, right? Your toned muscles also give you a happier and more confident body image and that translates into you being a more adventurous partner.

5. Your Increased Fitness Means Better Stamina in Bed

One of the more logical ways to have better sex is to have better stamina. If you are fitter, more toned and healthier, it is likely that all this fitness will lead you to have a richer sex. Being a weight you are happy with and being your healthiest will translate into you being more active and ready for some action between the sheets, no matter the long day…It also means you have more of an endurance between the sheets.

6. Happier Periods Leads to Better Libido

Since many asanas in yoga exercise not just your external muscles but also the internal organs, your hormone levels start to get balanced and blood flow improves. Another great benefit of calmer hormones is calmer periods with less cramping, less of being a monster, and overall more of a positive attitude towards sex. And as we know, orgasms lead to all smiles even during those irritating days…

7.You are De-Stressed & Zen & Ready for Anything

Let’s face it. No one wants to have sex with a million things running around their head. Plus, it’s nigh well impossible to reach the big O if you have any tension of work or home or anything else in your brain…Since yoga teaches you to focus on the moment and also de-stresses you, it leads to you having more fun in the sack, which in turn releases even more happy hormones. The result—a calmer, happier, and more zen you!


So basically while there are a million reasons to practice yoga, having better and more sex is also one of them. The ends, justify the means? We certainly believe so…