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Basmati distinguishes itself from other holistic and environmental platforms in three main ways:

  • Enticing Headlines.
  • Sharing Relatable Human Experiences that serve as a way to connect with our audience and share personal stories.
  • Offering unique content and perspectives.

The Importance of Headlines: Why they matter, and how to create them:

  • The average web audience has a short attention span and access to an overwhelming amount of information vying for their coveted click. wants to capture that fleeting attention with enticing headlines and relatable material.
  • How do we capture this attention in such a small window of time? The perfect headline, paired with the perfect picture and visible 1-2 sentence summary.
  • The headline should speak to the audience through a question, offer a solution to a common problem, suggest a novel way of looking at an issue, or other relatable topics.
  • ‘How To’ headlines, list headlines (i.e. “7 Ways to…”) and headlines that ask a question are particularly effective.

The Art of Writing an Attention-Grabbing Story or Article

  • Choose your tone: 
    • Is this an informational piece? Provide access to information through linked sources. Provide knowledgeable facts with personalized interpretation. Why does this matter to you/the planet/the reader/their health
    • Is this a ‘How To’ piece? Share your experience! Let them know not only that it’s possible to complete the goal, also share your struggles, insights, challenges, and sense of accomplishment. What prompted you to search for this solution?
    • Is this a philosophical essay? Create imagery, connect the reader. Share why this is an issue close to your heart. Is it a metaphor for something you’ve personally experienced? Why is this issue significant to you? 
  • Engage your audience:
    • Are you sharing a personal lesson? Provide examples, create feelings of what you went through – inspire your reader.
    • Respect readers’ time and attention span – share concrete examples of how to apply solutions or view problems, rather than rehashing general information. 
      • Block off sections so they are clearly identified if this fits the flow of your story.
    • Why is your solution better than conventional/conformist/traditional approaches to the same issue?
    • Discussing more than one benefit/lesson/etc.? Turn it into a list!
    • Don’t embark on too broad of a topic – narrow and personalize your story

How to Submit a Story or Article

  • Submitting your article:
    • Articles that do not contain the required information will not be considered
    • Suggested word count: 700-1200 words, though this varies based on your topic, additional media, and more.
    • Does your story talk about other topics we’ve written about – if so, please link these stories! Sources should be linked to Basmati sources first, then outside sources if needed.
    • References that are included in your post should be included as hyperlinked to the information to which the link refers. Articles that mention studies, statistics, or other cite-worthy facts must be cited!
    • Is there a concise flow to your story?
    • We encourage you to include photo suggestions. Please make sure you own the photos or they are copyright free. Always make sure to include the direct link to the picture you are providing. Suggested sites are:
    • The editors will edit and publish the story without going back to the authors unless substantive changes or rewrites are required. 
    • Products and mentions: If an article mentions or endorses any brands or products, show a disclaimer at the end of the article that there is no financial affiliation with these brands/products. Contributors should also confirm that they have no financial relationship of any kind with any of these brands/products in their submission email to
    • Due to recent changes in our content ownership guidelines, is unable to publish pieces that have been published elsewhere (including noncommercial, personal blogs) at a paid rate. We are happy to publish the piece at an unpaid rate if it is a fit for our readership. Please indicate clearly if the piece you are submitting has been published elsewhere, and that you accept publication at an unpaid rate.

After You’ve Submitted Your Piece

  • We are a small staff that receives many submissions, and unfortunately, we aren’t able to respond to every email that comes in. If you haven’t heard back from us in two weeks after you’ve submitted a piece, that means we’ve passed on publishing the piece, and you may take it to another publication that you write for. But please don’t let this discourage you from submitting future pieces!


Invoicing cycles are monthly, ending on the 15th of the month. Further instructions will be emailed to you personally.

With specific questions, please send an email to, and someone will get back to you!

Haven’t written for us before? Send us an email at introducing yourself! Please include a little about yourself, why you’re drawn to Basmati’s mission, and three writing samples. If we think you’re a great fit, we’ll send you a contributor agreement and move forward from there!