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Basmati’s mission is to use the power of technology to help every human being live a healthier life by:

*sharing ancient and modern wisdom,

*connecting readers with practitioners,

*and curating eco-friendly products.



Basmati was founded by a team of explorers who see value in linking everyone inspired to improve their health and environment. We believe that there are many ways to live and our intention is to help those who want it develop the path that works for them.* We love hearing from you, so reach out anytime with questions, comments, or ways that we can better serve you!



Basmati means 'full of aroma' in Sanskrit. Basmati has been a symbol of community and quality since its first cultivation in the foothills of the Himalayas around 2,000 BCE. Just like the special cultivation dedicated to ​​basmati rice, we carefully curate our community here at Basmati.com.

Marji McDowall

Marji is most comfortable in nature, chatting with fellow souls sharing this physical journey, laughing until her abs cramp, shedding tears not only as a way of letting go but because it is beautiful. She is an adventurer and lover of life, enjoys talking to all the animals and plants that she is blessed to share space with, and is always willing to listen and allow others to just be. 

She has worked in health and healing for over twenty eight years and has a deep and honest love for all beings and their path. Her connection with Gaia and our existence on this beautiful Earth plane is best expressed when sitting and just allowing the flow of things.

Being intuitive, empathetic, loving, playful and a student of this life allows her to share pure joy and truth in all interactions. Knowing that this physical experience has many progressions, all varied, she knows they are all showing her more about who she truly is and the infinite possibilities that are here for us.

Dive into your True Self and Remember Who You Are.


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Sabrina Messineo

Sabrina's passion for wellness stretches back to the days when yoga was an esoteric concept, when few people knew about harmful ingredients found in many household products, and when much of the health food commercially available resembled expensive cardboard. She's inspired by the evolution since then and sees technology as an opportunity to connect healing traditions around the world. With a background in administration and organizational development, Sabrina believes that extraordinary things happen when you have the right people, in the right place, at the right time. She's grateful to be working with Basmati's amazing team, doing what they love, now.

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Leah Biersack

Leah has always felt a strong connection and pull to nature. From the time she was a little girl, she always knew her happy place was tucked in the trees. Growing up she sought to hike, camp, and travel as much as possible. Her travels have given her the experience of living off grid, in the jungle, on the Big Island of Hawaii and nestled in the Rocky Mountains living in a Buddhist meditation center. Leah strives to respect the Earth, her body, and her son’s body by practicing natural wellness and food as medicine. She is a current hot vinyasa yoga teacher and meditation instructor. She believes that when using your breath as a tool, listening to your body, and opening your heart, you can achieve anything.

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Ursula Squire

Ursula grew up in Durango, Colorado – a small town with a pretty natural or earthy vibe. Her father is a local beekeeper there. From a young age the healing power of honey, propolis, and other natural tinctures was instilled in her. She took college classes like MEDICINAL CROPS and AGRICULTURAL ISSUES IN SOCIETY. Ursula majored in Philosophy, which focused a lot on the different ways cultures perceive the world, and she fell in love with notions of self-healing practices. After college, Ursula moved to Portland, Oregon for graduate school. It is in Portland where her biggest devotion to environmental sustainability took place. She received an MS in political science, with a specialization in environmental policy. Her thesis argues against the use of neonicotinoid pesticides due to their sweeping, negative impact on pollinators. Ultimately, Ursula believes that we should use the phenomenal technological power we have harnessed as a way to move closer to the earth and all it provides us, instead of away.

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Jen Wilson

Jen has been vegetarian for 18 years, based on a love for animals that started when she grew up as an only child on a rural farm in Kentucky. These days, she spends as much time as possible taking walks with her dog and preparing/consuming/thinking about good, fresh food. She attempts to grow things like veggies and herbs in her garden, but must not have inherited her grandparents' green thumbs and has the most success with succulents.  She also reads a whole lot of books.

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