Judy Bierma

Judy Bierma


Judy has studied Yoga,Yin Yoga, Meditation,

Alignment and Breathwork. She has been teaching since 2010.

She is known for her creative flows and passionate style of teaching. Her devotional meditations bring a reverence and grace to everyday life. Her teachings bring a deep respect for the profound peaceful and healing effects of Yoga on the mind, body and spirit.


Her hope is to inspire others to become more in touch with the true teacher within their own hearts. To create a more loving, abundant life for ourselves and all beings around us.


“Deeply grateful to all of my teachers.

I feel honored and privileged to share the Yoga knowledge that has been passed on to me, with you.”



I Honor the light, beauty, truth and kindness within you,

Because it is also in me.

This is an astonishing gift, In sharing these things there is no

Distance and no difference between us.

Grateful to be a part of Basmati.