Mudras for Mind // Body // Spirit: JalaShaya Mudra

Integrate sacred hand gestures into your practice and life.


JalaShaya Mudra: Lake Of Serenity

This cooling, calming mudra connects us with the pure and refreshing qualities of water. Jala means water and shaya means serenity, calm, nighttime. The quiet waters of inner peace.


How To Do JalaShaya Mudra

  1. To make this gesture interlace all fingers except the ring finger and little finger, crossing right thumb on top of left and aligning the little fingers that correspond with the water element.
  2. Place this mudra just below your navel at the second chakra, the Sacral Chakra.
  3. It’s ideal to practice 2-3 times a day for 5-10 breath cycles.


Special Uses Of JalaShaya Mudra

  • Sit with this Mudra in Virasana (Hero Pose) or Lotus for digestion.


Awareness During JalaShaya Mudra

  • Guide your awareness to rest in the felt sense of little finger and ring finger.
  • Bring awareness to your belly: what is happening there?
  • Breathe in and out into navel center. 
  • Visualize a cool, moonlit lake.



Benefits Of JalaShaya Mudra

  • Calms and soothes digestive tract.
  • Promotes contentment peace and serenity.
  • Cools inflammation.


Positive Affirmation For JalaShaya Mudra

Inner lake of blue. Inner lake of peace.

Inner circles of serenity, so slow, so smooth, so peaceful.

The water is pure. I sit in peace.

All else vanishes except the silent heart of being.

Inner lake of blue as you inhale through the navel center.

Inner lake of peace as you exhale, navel softens.

Deep inside, wide concentric circles of serenity in your navel, so slow, so smooth, so peaceful.

With each breath a whisper of cool, calm.

Let go, you can relax now. Whole body light, and peaceful.