5 Ways Breathwork Brings Big Beauty Benefits

Breathwork is not a product you can buy, but it is a concept you should buy into. For centuries, monks, meditators, and gurus have promoted the miraculous benefits of breathwork. But they don’t need to preach, actually. The proof is in the pudding: Look at the glow on the face of any breathwork practitioner and see the benefits before your very eyes.

Throughout history, breathwork has been a subject of much debate. While there are several fascinating studies, the truth is, science is just now beginning to understand how breathwork leads to health, wellness, vitality, and rejuvenation.

More recently, breathwork masters like Wim Hof offer not only healing through breathing, but real transformation and longevity. Sometimes we don’t need to rely on science to make a point. Truth exists in living, breathing examples. If you’ve been seeking ultimate beauty, perhaps all of your energy has been lost on purchasing products. Consider the fact that beauty goes beyond the surface as we know it—as a matter of fact, it’s a light that shines from within. And that light is ignited with breath. Use any variety of breathwork to tap into your best beauty and see if you don’t just see the results, but feel them, too.

“For breath is life, and if you breathe well you will live long on earth.”
- Sanskrit proverb

1. Oxygenated Blood Makes Skin Glow 

That glow post-workout is the result of removing toxins from the body. Sweating encourages a healthy shine, surely; however, what gives your skin that glow is oxygenated blood. The more oxygen that’s pumped into the blood, the cleaner the blood will be. With cleaner blood, the entire system runs optimally. Muscles are strengthened, bones reinforced, skin primed. It doesn’t take much to oxygenate the blood, either. Of course, vigorous exercise does the job, but so does the deep, belly breathing of yoga and other yogic style breathing like breath of fire and ujjayi.

2. Reduced Stress Keeps Skin Healthy

Stress appears on the skin as if overnight. Pull an all-nighter dancing or studying and the effects will be written all over the face. Not only do dark circles appear, but the complexion is compromised, too.

Skin is resilient. It’s also susceptible. This means the skin will show signs of wear from even the smallest amounts of stress, lack of proper rest and/or nutrition, and overstimulating environmental factors. Reducing stress is as simple as sitting with the breath. Lower stress, boost feel-good hormones, and activate new neuron pathways for healing with a five-minute breathing session.  

3. A Challenged Brain Rebuilds Collagen

The mind controls the body. Whatever the mind thinks, believes, and assumes will become the system by which the body functions. This is not always obvious, but subconsciously, the mind is shaping the body all the time. We are what we eat, yes—but we are what we think, too.

Start by creating new thought patterns. Don’t just ask your mind to rebuild collagen: tell it to. The brain thrives when given a challenge. By asking the brain to produce collagen, the whole body will attune to the task. And much research claims that changing, adding, or eliminating habits can be done in fourteen days, give or take. Why not use conscious breathing in tandem with brain training? Collagen adds flexibility, plumpness, and youthfulness to the skin. When it breaks down, leaving the skin layers, that’s when wrinkles, sagging, and dull skin appears.

4. Mindful Visualization Promotes Rejuvenation

Imagine a spa scenario: the latest facial treatments administered by the best in rejuvenation therapy in a serene setting. The visit is full of promise because this spa and its staff are the best in the business. Transport yourself there. Create this mental spa for yourself. And really convince yourself that you’re there, getting the most effective treatments available.

Long, deep breathing and relaxation are key. Rejuvenation happens via visualization. Sports trainers and successful CEOs have been using visualization for decades. Now, more and more alternative practitioners have applied visualization to their therapies because it is that effective. If the mind envisions it, then the body will conspire with the mind to make it a reality. It’s muscle training, synapse rewiring, and confidence building. A fresher, younger face is but a visualization away.

5. Cellular Growth Makes Skin Shine

Closely related to mindful rejuvenation collagen-boosting rests cellular transformation. When working with the mind and the breath, something spectacular takes place. It’s called alchemy.

Breathwork can use warm or cool air to alter cellular growth. Hot breathwork stimulates, burning away old cells and firing up the system for new growth; cold breathwork conserves young, healthy cells and freezes others for the future. Red and blue lights are often used as guides through temperature-focused breath work.  This has the potential to stimulate hair