30 Day Meditation Challenge

Welcome to 2017! It can be hard to stick to your New Year's resolution all on your own, so we're creating a mindfulness movement for the New Year! Join us for our 30 Day Meditation Challenge and meditate your way to the best year yet! Videos will be posted daily to this article.

Have you tried meditating before? New to the practice? Need to get back into it -- this series is perfect for you! 

Day 1: The basics of meditation -- what to expect, how to prepare, and some short meditations to get you (back) into the groove.



Day 2: Connect to the Universe



Day 3: Reconnect With Your Spine



Day 4: Appreciate



Day 5: Move Your Energy!




Day 6: The Power of Mantra



Day 7: Empower Your Life



Day 8: Open Your Heart (Part 1)



Day 9: Empower Your Heart (Part 2)



Day 10: The High Heart



Day 11: The Throat Chakra



Day 12: Attuning the Third Eye Center



Day 13: Opening the Crown Center



Day 14: Journey Through the Chakra System



Day 15: Intro to Kriyas



Day 16: TuningiInto Abundance



Day 17: Intro to the Fields - The Wisdom Body



Day 18: Connecting with the Elements (and an intro to Trataka)



Day 19: The Masculine & Feminine



Day 20: Into the Void



Day 21: On Prana



Day 22: Working with the Healing Capacity of the Body through Visualization



Day 23: Delving into the Akasha



Day 24: Delving Deeper into the Akasha



Day 25: Delving Deeper & Exploring Opposite Feelings



Day 26: Using Yantras to work with Ancestral Karma



Day 27: Japa



Day 28: Merkaba Meditation



Day 29: Backwards in Time & Review


Day 30: Challenge Complete









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