You Are Enough: How To Overcome Scarcity & Trust In Abundance

Scarcity. This energy packed frequency of limited potential is a dense membrane that surrounds the human energetic field and closes off your ability to tap into the ever-flowing creative energy of Source which is the treasure box of abundance.

All humans have been birthed from the direct inclusion of Source energy; this connection is our essence. The journey is our story. We have made the great plunge into separation to give our Souls an adventurous experience that has no limitation in its capacity to create—though we all have had to work through the membranes that create the illusion of separation. Scarcity is a big one.


Power of the Five Senses

At this time, on Earth, we humans have separated as far as we can possibly go into the material manifestation. We experience it through having bodies and having a physical earth to live on. We perceive this outer world through our five senses. We can feel it, hear it, taste it, smell it, and see it. It is the power of these five senses that convince the mind of our complete and full reality.

However, the physical organs of sense can only sense the physical world, which is not our complete reality. These senses were designed to give the body information to contribute to the whole picture of reality and not to determine the entire reality itself.

The human body is the current house of the Soul for this part of our adventure. However, all physical experience is not our eternal nature and as I have stated previously, the world is made up of 99.999% empty space. This empty space is actually wave frequencies and quantum fields of unbridled pure energy waiting to be called into form.

Our five senses are part of our journey. The awakening process consists of also awakening your spiritual senses that help you to perceive what is happening behind the layer of the physical world.  The invisible realm houses your subconscious. Healers, psychics, tarot readers, and sages access this realm to help you navigate why the physical world has presented itself to you in the way that it has.


Scarcity is a Lack of Trust

When we are driven by our five senses, we see that the world has a limited number of trees, of clean air, of food, houses, money, love, you name it. There is a finite amount. This belief of a finite amount translates into the human consciousness and produces the desire to accumulate so that we have enough for survival and for the survival of our family.

This belief that there is not enough is mirrored in our media and it perpetuates this belief and hardens the membrane in your energy frequency that in turn is the membrane that separates you from your Source energy. This connection to the abundant Source is what all of us are longing for. Those beings that are the happiest have found trust and faith in the Source energy and have come to a place of contentment with what they have here on Earth. Very little is needed when you’re filled with Source energy. You feel complete.


You are Enough

The West is where connection to Source has been severed the greatest. There is great reward in the West to live a life driven by your five senses. The drive to succeed by using intellect is so strong and rewarded that those who have chosen another way seem to be losing “the game” in the West. If you don’t have the right hair, car, clothes, job…then there is a collection conscious belief that you are not enough. This is a core wound that the mind has interpreted as such since our separation of essence from Source.

You were born; therefore, you are enough.

However, you can see how the perpetuated belief that you are not enough drives you to accumulate in an attempt to fill that belief of lack.


We Need YOU

What we need is for individuals like you to lead by example. Show the way that less is more if that less is filled with the love and vitality of Source energy. You cannot spread yourself thin and expect Source to fill you up. The filling happens in moments of open receptivity which essentially has a non-doing energy to it. It has the grace of the present moment. It shows that you have enough presence in the moment to love everything that shows up and if you don’t have time to love it then it is not for you; then you are sourcing from scarcity.

Let that be your barometer. Do you love what you are doing? Do you love what you are buying? Do you love what you are giving? If you do, then you are sourcing from abundance and more abundance will come to you because you are open to the presence of Source.

If you are rushed, you are in scarcity. If you are eating too fast, you are in scarcity. If you ever find yourself saying, “I don’t have,” or “I need,” then you are sourcing from a leak that can never be filled. You are sourcing from scarcity.


You are the Shift

This is the modern day understanding of ancient, ancient texts. Your mind creates your reality. The collective mind creates a strong collective reality. These realities are not fixed and they will not shift without your conscious participation. That is what we are doing on Earth: we are shifting out of the self-imposed imprisonment of “work to spend, spend to work,” and shifting into meaningful connections—freedom of spirit, freedom of control. All of this work begins from the inside and is completely supported by the celestial alignments of the Universe.


Release the Hierarchy

If you are feeling the call then you are not alone. Observe people’s intentions when they project happiness and energy. Is it authentic or are they trying to sell you something? Trust your intuition. This is your natural GPS system that helps you to navigate this world that is filled with illusion. Everything is available here as this is the co-creative space of 7 billion creators. If you do not like the system that has been created then join the revolutionaries of creating a new one—one that is not filled with hierarchies of winners and losers but one filled with an understanding that we are all energetic beings trying to connect with Source and express our unique connection through this bodily form.

Distractions are plentiful. Energy leak opportunities are everywhere. Scarcity will keep you in the loop of looking outward rather than within for the solution.



Trust that you are enough and there is a Divine purpose for your being here. Say yes to following your heart and no to what doesn’t fill you with joy and love.