7 Reasons To Love Your Body

When we desire to make new changes in our life, our body is usually the first to be examined. During this process, we can be harsh, judgmental, and critical to our own life-shells. Our thoughts are powerful, and our bodies listen and react to these thoughts. Rather than hating on our bodies, we should be trying to show them love through taking the necessary steps needed to make and keep them healthy. We can start making these positive, healthy changes by honoring our bodies, and focusing on what our bodies do right, rather than what’s wrong with them. Read on and find out 7 reasons why your flesh is anything but weak, and begin to feel gratitude for your body and all that it does.

Reason 1: The Body Can Heal Itself

Our skin starts healing scrapes, scratches, and burns after they occur –  within seconds. The body has the amazing ability to fight off certain types of bacteria, diseases, and viruses without any sort of medical interference. Want to know something else that’s cool about our bodies? They are made up of cells that can generate, regenerate, and produce new cells to fix the ones that are damaged.

Reason 2: The Body Can Create

The body is a creator! Let’s celebrate the fact that the reproductive systems of women and men can work together to create life. A woman’s body is able to hold, develop, and transport a baby into this world. Human life would not exist or continue to exist without bodies. Aside from creating living beings, we can create with our minds: our minds create thoughts that are expressed in various ways, such as through painting, building, and writing.

Reason 3: The Body Can Communicate

When your body is cold, it shivers, and when it’s hungry, it makes noise. If you are excited, your body’s heart rate goes up.  And did you know that when you are pleased by something you see, your eyes become dilated? These are ways in which your body communicates with you. Not only does it communicate with you, but it allows you to communicate back to the world around you.

Reason 4: The Body Can Feel

Being able to feel sensations is a wonderful phenomenon.  Pain, pleasure, anger, sorrow, happiness, and excitement happen because our bodies feel these things and then send messages to our brains about them. Could you imagine not being able to feel anything at all?

Reason 5: The Body Can Protect

The body’s rib cage protects the heart and lungs. Those nose hairs? They keep dirt and dust from coming into your body through your nostrils. The skull acts as a helmet for preventing the brain from being damaged. On top of that, our bodies are full of good bacteria that help keep us safe from harmful bacteria. Think about it: we would be completely defenseless without our bodies!

Reason 6: The Body Can Sense

For you to experience and sense the richness in life, your body gives you the gift of being able to use five senses. To be able to see, smell, touch, hear, and taste the world around us is something we should never take for granted. Could you imagine not being able to sense anything at all? Now that takes my appreciation for the body to a whole new level.

Reason 7: The Body Works

Our bodies are on our side working for us, not against us. We need our bodies to be active in this world. The body works to break down and absorb the nutrients in our food, turning them into energy for us to use in order to move more effectively. Along with absorbing the things we need, our bodies get rid of the stuff we don’t need. The heart pumps to keep blood flowing, while the brain runs the nervous system. And while we are sleeping peacefully, our bodies continue to work on through the night.

Let’s take the time to realize how much we need our bodies. Taking the time to realize all the things your body does for you will help you to understand the need to love and take care of it. Make the decisions to exercise, eat right, and nurture your body to show your body appreciation. Be good to your body, and it will be good to you.