Over Spending? Try Balancing Your 2nd Chakra

With the holidays behind us and the energy of the SUN focusing the majority of its influence on the southern hemisphere, it’s a good time to look inward and track where our energy is losing potency.

The way we spend money is a wonderful opportunity to see how efficient our energy is running.

Money is Energy.

Let’s face it; everything is energy. We are energy. Energy efficiency is a tag word in our world today. Energy efficient cars to energy efficient dryers—we all want to save money and we all want our money to stretch so we can enjoy more of the “fun” experiences life has to offer.

How we spend money—and why—is an opportunity to see outwardly if you are experiencing an inward energetic leak.


Holes Desire To Be Filled

When we feel hungry, we look to the external world in the form of food to fulfill this inward craving that we call hunger. This is a biological rhythm of the human being. There is a hole and you fill it. If your pocket has a hole and you keep losing money through the hole then you mend the hole. Simple and logical right?

What if the hole is invisible? What if we have been trained to focus so deeply on our five senses that we have forgotten how to use our spiritual senses to track energy in the non-physical form?

Well, there is a way to track the non-physical form that anyone can have access to. The material world was created to allow us to experience our internal world outside of ourselves. Anyone that has done a little bit of self-work has had the experience that once the internal world shifts then the experiences we draw into our life shift as well.


The Collective Reality

Money. We all spend. It is part of our collective reality. When we feel a sense of disconnect to our divine purpose and our full potential feels less than embodied then we are experiencing an energetic leak. This leak, which can be understood as a hole, just like hunger, sends a frequency to the human to respond and we begin filling it with food, drink, sex, and shopping.



This quick fix of buying something new releases the feel good brain chemical dopamine into the bloodstream and we experience a momentary feeling of satisfaction, completion, and happiness. The greater the hole, the greater the desire to fill that hole in the external world. The grabbing of an external object is the first tell-tale sign that there is a leak in your system.  When we grab external objects to fulfill an energy leak within, then we give away our power to that object. For health we need to have a relationship to our power that is in balance.



This is a 2nd chakra issue. The chakra system is a 7-point energy system on the physical body that acts as an intermediary between your energy body and the world around you. Everyone has chakras but not all of them are functioning equally and in harmony.

Filling your second chakra with material possessions is like trying to save money by putting coins in a pocket that has a hole. The faster you buy the faster it fills, but this process is not sustainable for your pocketbook and especially the planet.

The 2nd chakra is known as “Svadhisthana” in Sanksrit. Most know this chakra in relation to creativity. Creativity is derived from the root “Creator” which is God, Source, Wakan Tanka, Brahmin, etc. It is this connection to Source that is the only true filler of all holes. It is the only energy that is sustainable and what I call a holy tie. An unholy tie would be anything that you give your power away to or that attempts to take your power from you. Your relationship to this power of Source is the one and true holy tie.


In Balance

Diving deeper into the 2nd chakra, this energy center is tracking how you hold your power in relation to the world around you. This is especially true for relationships and money. When this energy is balanced then you experience a natural warmth, sincerity, and creativity expressed in each moment. There is not a need to grab something outside of you. There is not a need to manipulate others to get your needs met because you feel like they already are. When we feel an inward satisfaction and fullness then we do not project onto external objects.

If you eat a well-balanced meal then it quenches the need to keep eating. You are satisfied. The same is true with shopping. When you feel content with what you have, you dissolve the belief that something could make you happier.  Begin to see over spending as a weakness within; instead of being jealous of the neighbor’s new toys, feel love and compassion.


Out of Balance

When the 2nd chakra is out of balance, we feel insecure and fearful and we grab on to things outside of us to make us feel safe and loved. This includes co-dependent relationships.


What Can You Do

Knowing that it is out of balance is the first step. I like to use my power of intention before a yoga class or breathwork or even before I begin my day. I say, “I use my free will intention to seal all leaks in my second chakra; I release all unholy ties and I reclaim my sovereignty and power.”  You can be creative but setting an intention is important. The Universe wants to support us and honor us as creators in training, so play with it.

Sit-ups help. They strengthen the muscles that surround your second chakra.

Making peace with your past and being honest of where you give your power away help. Create a list of things, people, and places where you have given your power away and burn it.

These are techniques to support clearing the debris from the second chakra and creating space for the energy of Source to infuse into you.

Next time you are shopping ask yourself, do I need this, want this, or desire this? Is it fulfilling a hole? How do I really feel right now if allowed space to tap into the emotional body? Then observe. I am not asking you to do anything different in that moment. The first step is to witness. Witness over and over and over again. Eventually a little space will be created between the witness-er and the moment. Then you may choose to take a different route.

The definition of insanity is to do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. Change can be difficult. Mainly because it means you have to shut off autopilot and arrive in the moment and step into the unknown. Second chakra imbalances love the known. They will take the known even with all its stagnancy over the unbridled moment of possibility. If this is you, then you have work to do. Don’t worry—we are all doing it. We are all somewhere on the spectrum.


I believe in your light. I believe in you taking the reins of your own healing. I believe the right people come in at the right time to assist you on your journey. I also believe we could all be more mindful of the excessive waste unnecessary shopping creates on our planet.