How To Use Tarot & Lenormand To Develop Intuition: An Interview With Emily Rose

Photo courtesy of Emily Rose

All other photos by Shiraz Leyva


Is there something blocking your way to a more fulfilling life? Developing your intuition is a way to break through blockages and create a life that resonates with your higher self.  Divination cards are tools that can assist us in cultivating intuitive intelligence. Intuition gives us the ability to process information without the need for conscious reasoning. It is a natural expression of the deep self. In many spiritual traditions, it also has a nonlocal correlation. For example, Deepak Chopra describes it as “eavesdropping on the mind of the universe.” Divination cards are thought to draw out what is already present in our subconscious, and act as a catalyst to conjure and foresee the future. Regardless of whether the true source we are accessing is within or without, one of the cards’ greatest benefits is that they remind us to slow down and inquire. So important is the querent’s inquiry that cartomancer Emily Rose calls it “the unsung hero of divination cards.” Emily is a second generation cartomancer who has been reading cards since the tender age of 12. Now more than 15 years later, she has developed a unique style of reading that combines tarot and Lenormand. I chatted with Emily recently about intuition and how we can use cards to get in touch with our divine selves.

SL: Is being intuitive different than being psychic?

ER: I believe being psychic and being intuitive are on the same spectrum but there are distinct differences. Everyone has intuition. Intuition is based on knowledge and instinct that we have from our sensory details within the environment and our subconscious. It’s when our subconscious says to our conscious mind, hey, I have something to say. We get that little (or sometimes HUGE) tug from our intuition letting us know there is some information we may have gathered and previously ignored, or something we are picking up in the environment (such as body language). In short, I believe our intuition is our higher self or true nature trying to tell us something so that we can use that information to be in greater alignment with our soul purpose or dharma.

Being psychic is utilizing information that isn’t in the environment. An example of this would be if you meet a stranger and say, “I see you have just come back from a long trip in a red car.” If you haven’t previously met that person, or seen their car, or heard about them from a friend, there are really no cues in the environment that could have provided that information. This type of claim would be psychic in nature.

SL: Why is using divination cards a good way to develop intuition?

ER: I believe divination cards spark your soul to think. Tarot and Lenormand cards have images on them, symbols. Symbols have been used for thousands of years to communicate feelings and messages that are not easily put into words. When we look at symbols, I believe we are transcending the boundary between the conscious and subconscious mind. One of my tarot teachers, James Wanless, the creator of the Voyager deck, would frequently say, “The soul doesn’t think without a picture.” (This may be a quote from a famous philosopher.)

When we ask a question and pull a card, we are first formulating a question about our lives. This is hugely valuable all on its own. Many of us do not take the time in our day-to-day lives to ask critical questions. Asking a question invites exploration into a situation. Exploration almost always leads to our actions and environment aligning with our soul purpose and our best and highest good because we are able to uncover the changes we can make to improve our lives from a soul perspective. Also, the image and message on the card gives us a fresh point of view to consider. Often this new perspective can illuminate how we are truly feeling, as images speak directly to the subconscious.

SL: How can people use divination cards to increase their intuition?

ER: A great way to practice using your intuition is to draw one tarot card or three Lenormand cards each day to get a sense of the energies that may be moving through your day. Make sure to have a question in mind as you draw your cards such as “What may I experience at work today?” or “What message should I keep in mind today?”

SL: What is Lenormand and how is it different from tarot?

ER: In my opinion, tarot has a more counselor/wise friend vibe and Lenormand is a bit more short and to the point. A tarot deck consists of 78 cards. You can spend a lot of time on just one card, exploring the imagery and discussing the story behind it. With Lenormand there are only 36 cards. You combine the cards to create meaning. They are lexical in nature and almost form a sentence. The order of the cards matters a lot. For example, if you draw the bouquet and the coffin, this would mean end of happiness. But if you draw the coffin then the bouquet, this means happiness after loss. You can get very specific answers to questions ranging from “What may I experience at work over the next three months?” to “Where are my keys?” (True story: I drew the bear, tower, and coffin once and knew they were in the freezer!)

If you picture yourself driving at night, Lenormand acts as the headlights that illuminate the path in front of you. You may see a traffic jam, or a straight, clear road. Tarot can help you decide what to do with that information. You can decide to avoid that traffic jam, or go through it if there is something great on the other side. You are always able to change the outcome of a situation—the cards are not set in stone!

In my readings, I love combining tarot and Lenormand as I think they pair very well and provide an overview of a situation, followed by advice. You can get a great reading using either Lenormand or tarot but the two together are dynamite.



Emily Rose is a cartomancer and Lenormand educator. She is dedicated to promoting self growth in her clients through intuitive readings which combine Lenormand and tarot. Her reading style is rooted in traditional interpretation with contemporary nuances. She offers Lenormand courses and resources on her website and is available for readings via phone, Skype, email, and in person at New Renaissance Books, in Portland, Oregon. You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @emilyrosedivination.