Gaia Sophia

Gaia Sophia


Gaia Sophia follows in the foot steps of her indigenous, Indonesian ancestors as a Healer and conduit of Spirit.

She resides in Squamish, British Columbia, but her work reaches the entirety of the Planet through her channeled writings and her distance healing sessions. Gaia's range of access is from the depths of the earth to the lightness of the Stars. Gaia is a Lakota sweatlodge water pourer, pipe carrier and Vision Quester. She has trained in many healing modalities including Massage, Energy Work, Akashic Records, Somatic Polarity, Gamma Wave Healing and the Medicine Wheel of the Quero people. Her greatest power lies is the full embodiment of the unique blue print she was given to express in this lifetime. Her greatest desire is to usher the human race and and planet back into a state of evolutionary balance by inspiring a perspective of non-duality, love and sovereignty embodied.


Q & A With Gaia Sophia

Describe yourself in three words:

Renegade of light

What is the greatest challenge you have overcome/are overcoming?

Honestly, it is the mind. I have been involved in the healing arts since my teens and the mind is one territory that no one can help you with but yourself. There can be inspiration that supports you but the work of the mind is yours alone to claim sovereignty over. I am quite careful what I will allow to influence my mind and I have a daily practice that helps me sort out what is for my highest and what is to release. The more I work in these realms the more I know that the individual mind is the biggest hindrance to access the potential of what we are. Releasing the individual mind allows us to have access to higher thought forms that will assist the transformation of our current planetary condition.

What is unique to you about your work?

I am a seeker of real healing. This is something I have been tracking my entire life. I would say the people that find me are the ones that have been knocking on healings door and no one is answering or it is a temporary relief. What inspires me is to help people awaken on their spiritual journey, to make sense of the story they have written and give them some relief so they can create a world of harmony and love. Each experience is different, I ask for assistance from their guides and helpers as well as mine, it keeps the entire experience in alignment with the greatest good for all involved. What I like about it is that it is not just clairvoyant but it is designed to support change and sometimes we all need an extra hand there.

How do you guide clients into their own healing/inner freedom?

The sessions are interactive. I will use the assistance of stones and breath quite a bit during distance healing sessions. I will also do a joint meditation when we are working on energy systems within the body. The whole game here is about self empowerment and sovereignty. I consider my work more like a spiritual midwife as I help them rebirth their energy bodies which includes the emotional and mental. The bodies can get jammed with thoughts of our own, the collective and our environment, sometimes we get so accustomed to their stuckness that we consider it normal. All of my shamanic work ends with some homework to help anchor the work into their physical life. Each session is different so the homework is always different. The guides want full participation by the client so they encourage the use of their free will in the healing, even though I fully believe the guides have the capacity to do the work for us, they won't take the gift away from us.

What tools have you found least/most effective in your work?

Breath! Hands down! I have rattles, drums, florida water, stones, and inner sight but what I full back onto the most is the breath! I do an hour of breath work every morning to align my energy bodies and detangle from the day before. I use my breath to move energy in my client and I ask my client to use their breath to help move the energy. The breath can range from gentle to fierce depending on what our intention is. The breath is life, it is spirit, it can do anything. sits down with Gaia Sophia as she shares with us her empowering work as a healer, spiritual guide and proxy.  “Now is the time. You are ready. You are not alone.”