Choose Self-Love: 5 Steps To Ascension

The thought occurred to me today that if energy flows where attention goes then the $10 billion dollar a year self-improvement industry in the U.S. alone is actually contributing to the perpetuating mental and emotional belief that “you are not enough” exactly the way you are. This contradicts every sacred text and teaching that I have ever come across. You exist therefore you are enough. Your essence was born from the frequency of the Source of all life. That is enough to make your existence completely and fully valid. As a healer, I know that the entire Universe responded when you came into your current body. The entire planet knew of your birth and began to feed you the frequency of love. You became intricately woven into the fabric of all existence.

So why do we focus on the perpetual need to improve the perfection of who we already are? What if just for today you focused on a new focus? What if instead of focusing on what you want to change or improve (which is a way of highlighting the fact that there is a part of you that is “not enough”) you decided to focus on all that is wonderful already? There are five ascension qualities that I have been working with to shift my frequency from a place of self-doubt and fear into allowance of the great flow of life itself. These principles are easy to understand and energetic to embody. I don’t expect you to master it right away, though with practice and patience you can begin to feel a new feeling that can get you into the flow that makes life seem like a dance created by the Grand Orchestrator, and you are but a dancer in this orchestration of life.

Love, Source & The Power Of Your Heart

The first quality to embody is LOVE. Sit still and tune into your heart frequency. Frequency can be understood like the stations on your radio: as you turn the dial to the right a new station comes on that encompasses all of your being. You can keep moving the dial to different frequencies or stay in the static between. The power is really yours.

Close your eyes if it helps you from becoming distracted and feel in your heart the memory of a loving moment. Then expand it into the room. Next, use your intent to call upon the great stream of Source’s Love and intend for your love particles to interweave with Source’s stream of love. When I do this, I imagine the two dancing together and becoming one and I allow the frequency in my heart to expand. I stay here until it is a full feeling in my body. This can take 5 minutes and it can take 55. I keep my mind focused from thoughts pulling me out of this stream of frequency. You can understand it like developing a weakened muscle. There may be resistance at first, but with persistence it begins to feel stronger.

Trust In Your Life 

Next, move your intention to the frequency of TRUST. Let your mind be massaged by the fact that everything, absolutely everything, in your life has unfolded exactly how it was meant to. You have made all the appropriate decisions for your evolution and growth. Trust that your life is unfolding exactly how it is meant to. Let this massage your heart and feel the expansiveness as a result of embodying the frequency of trust. Feel the love you have for yourself. Feel the great flow of allowance happening in your heart. Stay here until the feeling is full.

Acknowledge Gratefulness

Then move on to GRATITUDE. We all have something to be grateful for each and every day. The fact that you are on planet Earth in the middle of the Galaxy is a miracle enough. You can tune into gratitude for the rain, or snow, or sunshine; all the elements that feed the cycles of life on earth. You can be grateful for your health or the gift to be in a country that allows freedom of choice. Whatever it is, feel gratitude in your heart and name each and every thing you can be grateful for now and throughout today. Energy flows where attention goes. The more things you are grateful for the more things the Universe will give you to be grateful for. You are using the empowerment of your own free will of thought and frequency to create the life that you deserve.

Praise To All

Now, let’s move on to PRAISE. Praise yourself for the deeds you have done, for the kindness you have offered, for the beauty that you share. Praise your brothers and sisters for the uniqueness of their expression. There are no two humans exactly alike on this planet so comparison would be a waste of time. Praise your family, your friends, and your community for the way in which they contribute no matter how large or small. Praise them for their smiles.

Finally, Surrender

Finally, SURRENDER. This is a great relief when we can let go of all resistance and control and just move with the great FLOW of life. This is not a non-action oriented place. This place is full of awareness and presence and it is also filled with non-expectation and allowance. It’s a liberating feeling.

Allow your breath to be the doorway, the gatekeeper to this great allowance. Let your exhale fall out of your mouth and notice if there is a pushing that is happening consciously or unconsciously and practice just letting it fall. Notice if you are tightening your muscles and see if you can just be here now. I like to repeat the mantra “I am safe in my body” as a way of keeping me anchored in the moment of surrender. I am safe here. I don’t need to push or pull the moment.


These five qualities of ascension will help you to ventilate your emotional and mental bodies of the past and future. In the presence of these ascension qualities which are in the present moment we have no desire to be anywhere other than this spontaneous, unfolding moment of life that we are so actively engaged with that we don’t have time to read a “self-help” book because we are truly alive.