Healing Journeys: Mary Beth Shaw & Connecting With Self

Mary Beth Shaw is an energy healing practitioner with whom I recently enjoyed a session.  The experience was a roller coaster of emotions that left me feeling more strongly connected to my Self and my loved ones, and also with a clearer vision of my purpose and personal priorities.

I want to say that Mary Beth has a unique approach, but the truth is other than the things I’ve written about here on basmati, I don’t have any experience with this “stuff.”  So with my inexperience in full disclosure, I can say that what stood out to me about Mary Beth is the way the session incorporated both information from my Self as well as information from Source.  Seeing the two come together allowed me to approach this session from a unique perspective and also to more fully appreciate the integration and oneness of everything in the Universe.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…


My session with Mary Beth started comfortably—her space is beautiful, warm, and inviting, and I was put at ease by the lovely art on the walls and Mary Beth’s gentle nature.  She didn’t have many questions for me before we got down to business.


Her reading included looking at my chakras as well as communicating with my higher Self.  She described how my inner rose looks (everyone has one, she assured me, while describing the color of the flower, the shape of the stalk, and its rootedness).  She described me as a bit of an idealist, noting what my idea of a “perfect world” looks like to my higher Self (hint: lots of dandelions and sunshine).  She went through each chakra as well and gave me information about how it looked and what that might mean in my life.


She also relayed messages from my higher Self, describing these as things that She (my Self) wants me to accomplish or pursue or do or learn, but I can’t because things like ego or fear are standing in the way.  To me, this was one of the most significant parts of the session, as one of the first things she said to me was so spot on that I couldn’t help but start laughing.  (I am also happy to say that I listened to my Self, and I have now almost finished that thing She told me to do!).  Making this part of the session even more delightful, Mary Beth has a charming way of describing the Self—her “character analysis” of my own higher Self was so complete and resonant.  I find myself still, weeks later, thinking of my Self that way and communicating with Her.  It might sound weird, but giving your higher Self a personality (beyond a hoity toity “better” version of YOU) can make great strides toward eroding the barriers the ego puts up between the two—for me, at least.


In the second part of the session, Mary Beth allowed any messages from loved ones to come through.  Yet again, one of the first things she said hit home for me and made me simultaneously laugh and cry.  Now, I treat things with a healthy dose of skepticism, and I’m well aware of techniques like “cold reading” that some celebrity psychics employ: Mary Beth’s specificity was undeniable.  Having said that, Mary Beth made it clear that her messages come in pictures and aren’t always cut and dry or crystal clear—and yes, there was at least one messenger that didn’t appear to be for me—but there was no deception or pretense.  Mary Beth’s honesty and transparency about how she works made it easy to trust her and be comfortable in her presence.


Did I mention that Mary Beth often laughs during sessions?  Totally in a good way, not in a way you ever feel “laughed at.”  But her light-hearted and fun approach to such hefty matters had the effect of making them less daunting and more accessible, rather than suggesting they’re trifling or frivolous.


Like I said, I left my session with Mary Beth with a renewed sense of purpose and focus and a deeper connection with my Self.  Importantly, the session with her paved the way for a new perspective of my Self and inner work—one that is a lot less solemn and a lot more fun.  And let’s face it: I’m more likely to do stuff that’s fun, so if it takes giving my higher Self a sassy dialect to encourage me to work through some inner child stuff—that’s fine by me.