6 Transformative Steps to Realize Your True Purpose & Meaning of Life

At some point in your life, you will pause, and question how you’re spending your time serves your higher purpose. Sure, education, relationship, family, friends, career, house, money, traveling etc. are desirable aspects of our life, but what truly defines us? Is there something else in us still waiting to be manifested? Something that we are supposed to do, express or stand for other than just surviving life and fighting our way through circumstances?

In the greater context of evolving Human Collective Consciousness the search for a deeper meaning or purpose in life could be seen as our ego searching for something that separates or elevates us. However, if Mozart, Plato, DaVinci, or Pasteur had dismissed their inner calling for expressing their talents and sought inner peace exclusively through transcendental meditation instead of dedicating their lives to their talents, their art, science, humanitarism or philanthropism, many beautiful expressions of humanity wouldn’t exist.

My personal understanding of the human search for purpose and meaning in life, or any form of existence really, is in finding the highest level of expression of the innate Divine Nature in all that exists. The flower through being a flower, the lake through being a lake and the bird being a bird - through being in absolute and complete tune and congruence with what a being is. Whether or not this expression is to our individual liking or taste is irrelevant. The beauty of Divine Creation is not subjective.

The reason why we are moved so deeply when observing the creations of nature is because they express the perfection of Divine Order and Beauty which deep down resonates with our own Divinity regardless of whether we are spiritual or not. The reason why we have such a hard time acknowledging Divinity in ourselves (or other humans, for that matter) is not because it’s difficult to see the Divine Spark in humanity, but because we misunderstand the meaning of Divinity. We adore pictures of tigers playing with humans, but we despise tigers eating a zebra. Why is being a tiger only Divine in our opinion when it’s acting like a pet, and evil when it’s acting like a tiger?

Making Divinity subject to our ego’s opinion is one of our greatest human fallacies. It is the expression of our ignorant ego-addiction. How could we judge divine expressions?

Understanding the meaning of life and finding purpose are directly linked with another, yet they are not the same. Without understanding meaning we lack the ability to see purpose. Therefore, the purpose of our life can only be rediscovered if we seriously recontextualize the meaning of being human and divine within.

Being human means having consciousness, having a heart, being able to love unconditionally – and ultimately having the choice to devote oneself to the purpose of expressing these qualities. However, being human also means to have an ego, to divide and to manipulate. The tiger doesn’t have an ego – it expresses its tiger-ness without hesitation or inner conflicts, and still remains a stunning representation of Divinity.

What defines us as humans is that we have a choice! We can choose to live our life according to our higher virtues of consciousness or we can live within the confines of our ego’s predominance. Therefore, frankly spoken, it doesn’t really matter if our life has a purpose as long as we are not aware of its true meaning.

For most of us, searching for purpose in life is a lifelong and conflicted quest of finding our personal version of Divine Expression without trusting in our Divine Nature in the first place!

If you want, you can look at this as a conspiracy - or simply as our karmic inheritance. Humans as a collective are best to be controlled when conflicted, imbalanced and separate. If we were all aware of our True Selves, there would be no wars or injustice – as there would be no reason to ponder about purpose or meaning. We simply wouldn’t engage in self-destructive ego behaviors – no other being on this planet does! Of course, there are uncomfortable mechanics of evolution, but they are still part of Divine Creation! Evolution has no ego. It propels itself through the power of Divine Consciousness.

“There is only one way out, and that is to get de-programmed! How do you do that? You become aware of the programming” Anthony de Mello

Spiritual Enlightenment is the evolutionary development/shift of consciousness out of the darkness of our egos and not a religious or spiritual act of specialness. Anything aligning ourselves to a special purpose drives us deeper into the shadow of our ego! In a way, one could see our Egoism as the collective shadow aspect of our consciousness.

The purpose of being human is to expand our consciousness and thus transcend the absence or cloudedness of Divine Light within. The meaning of this is simple: Every choice we make is either an expression of our Divine Consciousness or our Ego. Therefore, everything that happens to us is the consequence, or manifestation of our inner alignment and choices.

A good example for our dualistic programming is the word ‘human’ or ‘being human.’ If you think about it, it is almost exclusively used in context with our weaknesses and for justifying our imperfections. It is used to emphasize that we are NOT divine and to promote our inner dualism. Is this understanding based on our Ego or Divine Consciousness? No wonder that we all have such a hard time being congruent with who we truly are!

What makes us humans Divine?

Through many years of helping others to connect with their True Self I’ve learned about uncountable versions of being human and the problems of accepting who we truly are. Our ego’s fear of being flawed and mortal has us fooled into the general understanding that human-ness is a burden rather than an expression of Divine Creation.

"Our True Self is the resonance that aligns us to our purpose. Through this alignment to our unknown Divine Nature, our true purpose is energized, which then invites the unmanifest to manifest" (Sacred Self-Healing E-Course).

Without making the conscious choice to be human we will remain in the shadow of separation from Divinity and with it, with all there is. Needless to point out how this collective unconscious attitude prevents global solution finding until our inner and outer separation is healed. On a human collective level, we will not be able to resolve immanent conflicts, such as ongoing wars and social injustice, unless we step up and confess to our Divine Nature, its purpose and all its expressions!

How can we know and express our True Purpose?

For most of us, knowing our true purpose is not really the problem. Deep down we all have this prompting built-in. From my experience, it’s not about knowing our purpose, but the courage to devote ourselves to our true purpose. It is not just our mind, but mainly our ego that is blocking our Consciousness to kick in and manifest our true purpose. Not being connected means not being able to discern truth; and not being able to feel truth means we are incapable of understanding Divine Purpose and Meaning.


The inner prompting directing us towards our true purpose is like a gentle and subtle message coming through, but compared to the loud chatter of our ego it often seems non-existent. Therefore, the first thing we can do to get a clearer picture/feeling/message is to shut down our ego mind’s noise and Critical Inner Voice, for example through meditation and deeper reflection.


At the same time we need to strengthen the ‘voice of our heart’, the pathway to our Inner Divinity. This is a two-fold process in which we shift our alignment to not just going into our Heart Center but also learn to stay there (heart-expansion). With a little guidance and dedication we can connect with the core of our heart and learn how to use our heart’s energetic template to align our body, mind and spirit – as well as our circumstances – to our True Purpose.

Through removing the barriers and focusing our attention to our heart’s voice - our True Inner Voice we begin to embrace change and evolution without resisting, forcing or controlling it into a certain direction. This is basically how we can make our inner prompting get stronger and stronger, to the point where the message becomes so clear that we have no doubts left.


From here on, connecting with our true purpose is just a matter of knowing how to discern when our ego tries to come back in – in other words, developing a discipline to stay clear of lower frequencies by constantly ‘skimming the lake’ from energetic residue, absorbed negativity or low vibratory inner programs.


The role of our Heart-Connection and our energetic alignment to the Divine aspect in us provides us with the necessary courage and energy to follow through on it.

Knowing your true purpose therefore becomes the combination of eliminating everything you thought you had to do/have to be and trusting in your heart’s Divine Guidance. The moment you devote yourself to what is true to you is the moment you will receive the energy to express it.

The trick with recognizing one's true purpose is to not seek it but to allow it to come forward.

As soon as you begin to unconditionally shift your inner alignment to the resonance of truth from within - and fully dedicate yourself to it -- your true purpose will become as clear as day!


When actively working on manifesting our true purpose from within, there comes a moment of absolute surrender and dedication. This is often the most critical time in truly devoting ourselves to our higher purpose. It is the turning point for our evolutionary journey. It is the point in life when we realize that whatever may come is pulling us to where we need to be without us needing to have a special purpose!


Of course, there will still be challenges, but as we keep going we will notice that we have a new awareness and never before levels of energy available to us to carry us through these moments of doubt and inner conflicts. We are plugged into our Source! As soon as we begin to realize that ALL our experiences are opportunities for growth, we begin to see the perfection in everything we had to go through and that it's up to us to either choose to be conscious or unconscious in this learning process.

The last and most healing puzzle piece, then, is to recontextualize our past -- our life’s journey so far. You look back at your life and understand how everything that ever happened to you, what you have been interested in, the talents you developed (which may still be buried underneath your unresolved Shadow aspects) or choices you made, were set up through your Karma to unlock Divine Consciousness in you. You entire life’s journey has only one purpose: to guide you to remember what you came here for!

True purpose in life is not something that drives you forward, but an energy field that pulls you from your future.

In essence, deep down we all ‘know’ what our purpose in life is, but we are too distracted listening to our ego’s never ending noise making us believe that it knows better or would do better.

The true cause for inner conflicts and problems with manifesting life full of joy is our conditioned choice to act against the subtle prompting of our Divine Consciousness. When the ego is kicking and screaming, it’s usually a good sign that you are on the right path!

What if you knew your True Purpose right now? Would you do anything differently? How would living your True Purpose influence your life or possibly the life of others?