Clearing Energetic & Karmic Ties through Inner Child Integration

One of the most common and strongest energetic ties leading to inner fragmentation and energetic blockage we have to face on our journey is the energy that is bound to our upbringing, and how it has influenced our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual development  -- as well as our manifestation ability. These bindings determine large parts of our predisposition, and often play a key role in Shadow-Work. Without resolving, or at least acknowledging, our Inner Child and Karmic Family aspects, it can be very difficult to overcome our core programs and patterns in life.

By reconnecting to our inner child aspect(s) we can begin to have a dialogue with the hidden parts of ourselves to learn what it is we need to grow, heal and change in our lives. The Inner Child is not something to fear or be ignored. It is an integral part of us coming forward to teach us what we need to become more congruent, be more whole, and have a deeper connection to our lives, our own divine nature, and ourselves.

How Unresolved Inner Child aspects can influence our Journey

Many of us experience the pressing feeling of not ‘belonging’ into our families. In our attempt to break free or rebel against family structures we often struggle with lifelong family and relationship issues, which are very often interconnected. Depending on our karmic set-up, family constellation and childhood experiences, these inner and outer conflicts can have a very important purpose  -- namely to free ourselves from karmic binds and to create optimal circumstances for healing our deeper aspects – if we can recognize their connection!

Typically, we engage in deeper healing processes unconsciously through repeat: Without being aware of it we ‘re-create’ the same/similar circumstances of our childhood, so that outer conditions force us to change our inner conditions. One of the most commonly recreated patterns is taking on a karmic family role: Mother, Father or Child. Statistically, 85% of us tend to duplicate unhealed Karmic Family and Inner Child experiences into their current relationships.

Most commonly, the repeat of such unresolved and often unconscious Inner Child aspects shows in our choice of partner, our parenting style and very often also in general problems with relationships, such as intimacy, commitment or trust issues. On a practical level, many of us have the strongest energetic ties with breaking free from negative cycles in life, moving out of imposed pathways or excelling beyond our socio-economic or ethnic backgrounds, in spite of advanced spiritual understanding.

Re-living certain circumstances and taking on unconscious family role identification can be an opportunity to heal the most pressing aspects of our energetically anchored karmic or traumatic load. However, if we never uncover the purpose of underlying repeat pattern it can also lead to retraumatizing and cementing our original pain, fears and beliefs.

While most people remain unaware of those lifelong inner energetic binds, it can be life-altering to release and heal our karmic ties and childhood wounds, but until we begin to actively work with these often hidden parts of us many are unable to see the connection with karmic family and inner child aspects.

Identifying karmic patterns and repetition cycles can be a major game-changer in our inner healing process - if we can connect with the underlying energy to correct them. Therefore, it is often needed, or beneficial, to work with the guidance of a trained counselor or energy worker and use conscious self-healing techniques.

Another often underestimated aspect is that rebelling against our parental and karmic inheritance is not exactly helping in cutting our karmic ties; on the contrary! Resistance, defensiveness and ‘leaving in anger’ often further energizes the underlying energetic bind. If you find yourself charged with anger, judgment and non-forgiving thoughts, chances are that you will carry these inner sentiments into your romantic relationships!

Learning energetic reconciliation techniques can greatly contribute to understanding, forgiveness, compassion and resolution finding, especially if reconciliation in person is not possible!

The purpose of looking at what we often perceive as shortcomings of our karmic circumstances is not to manifest or justify our own limitations; this is very important to understand about karma, family and Inner Child work! The purpose of this work is learning to recognize patterns and karmic repetitions so that our consciousness can evolve beyond those restrictions and to begin to transcend them.

Working with Inner Child & Karmic Family Aspects

Experienced shortcoming through our parents, family constellation and upbringing often make us choose the according parent role to ‘correct’ some of the inadequacies we experienced as children. For example: Absent fathers or mothers often result in picking the child-role later in life, which allows us to process this wound through ‘properly being taken care of.’ However, the limitation in this pattern, if not properly healed, can be the development of neediness and codependent behaviors.

Overbearing mothers or authoritative fathers often create the tendency to take on a parent role and to develop controlling behaviors. Either way, there is no judgment of our parents in this view. Our parents have their own journey and from a karmic standpoint -- we ‘pick’ them for a reason (as they picked their parents), namely to evolve this pattern and ultimately to break the cycle between our Inner Child wounds and karmic repetition.

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