10 Ways To Enjoy Nature This Spring

Miss the warm weather? Now's the time to get outdoors and enjoy it! Here are 10 ways to enjoy spring by heading outdoors.

Exercise outside

As the weather slowly starts to get warmer (and sunnier), you're going to want to spend more time outside. Why not take your workout outdoors? You can do it in the comfort of your backyard, or your local park. Whatever works for you. Yoga is a perfect exercise to do outdoors: You can just take your mat and place it anywhere your heart is content. Or, take up a new exercise activity that requires you to get outside, like jogging, running, or tennis. Whatever gets you moving. You'll be happy you did, too, as soon as you feel that warm spring air.

Soak up the sun

Even if it's not summer yet, be sure to soak up all the sun you can. After a long winter (spent mostly inside), your body craves the sun's warm, loving rays. Lounge on an outdoor chair or bench, close your eyes, and raise your head to the sun. Soak up its warmth and relax under its gentle embrace. You'll come away with a new appreciation for the elements, and spring, altogether.

Brown bag it outside on your lunch hour 

No matter what you do work wise, try to see if you can eat outdoors for your lunch break. Take your brown bag, or lunch box, and find a nice spot to sit. Does your job provide outdoor tables or seats for you? Take advantage of those so you can get some fresh air. Do you work near a park? Tell your boss or coworkers you'll be back after lunch and head on over there. You can eat your lunch on a park bench or sit down in the grass. While there, take time to soak in the sun, the breeze, and any flowers that have started to grow. If you don't have a park near you, try finding a local café you can eat outside at. Enjoy the change of scenery!

Have a picnic at a park

Gather friends and family and arrange a picnic! Choose a nice, grassy field where you'll be uninterrupted. You can set up a picnic blanket or sit at a table. Tell people where and when to meet and decide if you want everyone to bring something or if you want to do all the cooking. Better yet, try to incorporate spring produce into whatever you make for the picnic, like in these 4 spring recipes. If other people are cooking too, tell them there's a spring theme and give them a list of produce they can use.  Pack everything in reusable food containers and bring reusable forks, spoons, and knives to your picnic. Disposable cutlery is wasteful, so try to avoid using it. Also, to make this picnic even more eco-friendly, bring reusable napkins for everybody, along with reusable plates. When everyone is done, you can just wipe the plates off using a reusable napkin and put them in the picnic basket you brought them in. If you're worried they'll move around, stack them and wrap them in a clean towel and tie a knot on top. Then place them in your picnic basket.

Drink tea or coffee outside at a café

Most people just grab tea or coffee to go nowadays, then head off to work or school. Why not slow it down and grab it to go…outside. Most cafes have a little outside eating area where you can dine al fresco. Sit down out there and drink your coffee or tea in peace. Take in the scenery and breathe in the fresh spring day (and the scent of your delicious beverage).

Keep an eye out for daffodils, snowdrops & crocuses 

With springtime here, you know what's next: Flowers! Now is the time to start noticing the first bloomers. Usually, daffodils, snowdrops, and crocuses are the bravest flowers—they typically appear before any other flowers do. Go on a flower hunt and see if you can spot any buds or sprouts popping up from the grass. You might even spot some tulips growing too, if you're lucky. If you have a professional camera, or a good enough camera on your phone, try to take pictures of them. That way, their beauty will stay with you well beyond the beginning days of spring.

Walk on a deserted beach before the crowds get to it

In the summer, everyone is at the beach. You can barely go to a beach without wondering if you'll get a good spot to sit. Spring? Not so much. The temperatures aren't quite warm enough yet to sunbathe in a bathing suit, or go swimming, so most people don't go. But no one's stopping you from going. Take a walk along the beach and use this quiet time to admire the wildlife you see. You'll probably see more of it now that there aren't as many people around. Count the animals you can spot such as crabs, sea stars, fish, clams, mussels, and sea birds. Also, just take in the soothing sound of the waves crashing on the shore. It's therapy for your ears!

Go horseback riding at a local farm

Have you ever tried horseback riding? Make a point to this spring before the weather gets too hot. Riding a horse is a unique experience that's certainly worth doing. You get to bond with another living being in a very special way and have fun doing it. Horseback riding is definitely a lot of work though, so be prepared to get a workout. It does have a lot of health benefits however, so it's well worth doing. Find a local farm near you where you can go horseback riding, or simply type "horseback riding" and then your location into google. You might be surprised at what pops up!

Set the alarm early to see the sunrise

Watching the sunrise is a beautiful experience. Try setting your alarm early to see it. (If you already set your alarm early for work, but have no time to enjoy the sunrise, that doesn't count.) Take time on your day off to wake up early and enjoy it in its entirety. Sit outside on your porch or patio and drink it in. It's amazing to watch the world wake up and start all over again. The magical slow creeping of the dawn will stay with you for a lifetime.