Making Your Own Nut Milks – Quick and Easy

Maybe you have read the studies. Maybe you just love creating things for yourself. Perhaps you want to live more sustainably -- whatever the reason, there is no time like the present to stop purchasing cartons of milk at the grocery store and start making your own nut milks, quickly and easily. It is healthier, more economic and so much fun.

Beyond the question of hormones and antibiotics in cow's milk these days, which is enough to cause you to steer-clear of the cattle, there is also a concern about bovine milk being healthy at all for human consumption. The protein molecules in cow milk are larger than the ones found in human breast milk, and therefore, during the process of digestion, many are unable to be absorbed – leaving room for the body to respond to these molecules as invaders. This is where auto-immune disorders begin: with a simple food allergy response.

Goat milk has been found to have molecules similar to human breast milk, and is therefore more digestible than cow milk for many, though the taste leaves something to be desired.

Now enter nut milks! Who knew nuts could give milk?

With a simple handful of delightful nuts, seeds or the combination of both, and some water, you can blend yourself up some delicious, creamy, frothy milk to replace cow-milk, any time, fast! Here's how easy it is:

Almond Milk – Full of protein, cholesterol-lowering elements, and antioxidant-rich hunger-fighters that make a great tasting beverage you can add to coffee, pour over cereal, cook with or drink straight!

For best results, soak one cup of almonds overnight. Pop them out of their brown slippery shells one by one in the morning. Add to blender with 6 cups of fresh, filtered water and blend. Strain & drink! Refrigerate. Keeps up to 3 days. Use fresh. Add sweetener if desired.

Cashew Milk – High in natural, organic copper – essential to healthy skin tissue and pigment, hair, connective tissue and bones. A great source of selenium which protects cells and increases immunity; magnesium, which balances calcium for muscle relaxation and bone health; and monounsaturated fats to protect against heart disease and diabetes problems.

Cashews are soft, and therefore only need a quick 15-20 minute soak pre-blending. Just like almonds, throw a cup or cup–and-a-half in a blender with 6 cups of pure water and blend, straining after. Cashews are naturally sweet and have a lovely, thick and creamy consistency that coffee loves. Refrigerate unused amounts and store for up to 3 days.

Brazil Nut Milk – High in B-complex vitamins and cholesterol-lowering compounds such as oleic acids. Brazil nuts are an excellent source of vitamin E, manganese, iron, phosphorus, and magnesium, and just like cashews, brazil nuts are high in selenium which, in men, boosts sperm production and mobility.

To make Brazil nut milk, you can go with the soak or no-soak method. Overnight is good for softening the nut, but not as essential as with almonds. Take the same 1:6 ratio with nuts to water and blend. Strain and enjoy. To counter the sometimes biting aftertaste of this nut, add one teaspoon of cardamom powder or ½ teaspoon of cinnamon to the final blend.

Seeds are potential milks too! Try hemp seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds or sesame seeds in the same ratio as nuts or even as much as 2:6. Sesame seeds pose a bit more of a challenge since they are so tiny, but soaking and blending can give a nice frothy milk that goes well with honey as a subtle, rich sweetener.

Use your homemade simple nut milks to bring more enzymatic pleasure and variety to your life and find yourself living a more sustainable existence beyond the grocery store staples. It is not only quick and easy to make your own nut milks, but satisfying as well. Try adding other spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, turmeric, ginger, vanilla extract or dates to your milk. Cacao is another fantastic addition to bring chocolate to the table. Simply add between 2 tablespoons and ¼ cup to your 6 cup blend in order to chocolify! And don't stop there – try a tablespoon of Maca powder or Goji berries to superfood your nut milk right away!

Let milk become more of a creative pleasure and nutritious delight rather than a repetitive health concern. Nut milks are both healthy and fun to create. Go ahead and excel at making your own nut milks today!