Mantras That Matter: Lakshmi Mantra For Wealth & Abundance

Wealth is more than money. We are all connected to an unlimited source of wealth and abundance just by being divine humans—the trick is we have either blocked it, forgotten it, or both. It is a natural state of being to access the wealth of the universe in all its many forms simply because we are a part of it and we ARE it. On a very real level, the universe is within us as much as we are within the universe.

Why then does it seem challenging to some to tune into and “manifest” wealth on this plane of existence? And if we feel it difficult to access the abundance that is rightfully ours, how can chanting Lakshmi mantras help us unlock the key to untold wealth?

One of my favorite ways to tune into and access the abundance of the universe, to which I am always connected but often feel blocked from in one form or another, is to chant the following Lakshmi mantra:

Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyei Swaha 

By repeating this mantra at least 108 times per day, for a minimum of 40 days in a row, the reorganizing and transformative power of this mantra is able to take root in my being and assist me in lining up with the unlimited wealth, harmony, and blessings of the universe which are mine already. It is as though this mantra secretly goes to work on all of the limiting thoughtforms and vibrational patterns which exist within me and replace or alter the tones I am emitting to be matched with those which attract and respond to wealth, harmony, and prosperity. This Lakshmi mantra is an intonation of magical fortunate alignment.

Caution with the Lakshmi Mantra

Caution must be raised, however, when choosing to align with Lakshmi as an ally for wealth and good fortune. She is one of the many incarnations of the Divine Feminine, after all, who does not take lightly to being “used” for merely personal gain and advancement. The true purpose one should choose to chant Lakshmi mantras ought to be anchored in the desire to live one’s life and purpose to the fullest capacity, to experience harmony and one’s unique soul essence—for then will Lakshmi consciousness be able to pervade and work with the unity field you generate and open yourself unto.

Use of a Mala in Chanting 

When chanting, it is a good idea to use a mala, or a set of prayer beads which you sit with every day that you chant. In this way, the same beads are charged with the pure intent you bring to the ritual regularly and they themselves become tools for manifestation. Malas also give us a focal point for mantra chanting. They keep the mind free from other thoughts and allow us to concentrate on the mantra at hand until the counting reaches its summit at the Meru. When we chant one full mantra for every bead, we are, in essence, imprinting our body’s field with intent and with each repetition, allowing that intention to drop deeper and deeper into the subconscious mind where it works to transform us on a very deep level.

The Initiation

I always notice when I begin to work with a Lakshmi mantra again that my life will begin to spin around issues of abundance. Anything still left unresolved in my psyche around wealth or money, lack or poverty consciousness, will surface to be addressed. Lakshmi is not messing around. If we choose to open ourselves to the prosperity of the universe which is rightfully ours as divine beings incarnate, we must also be willing to do whatever else it takes in order to live from the place of alignment most fully. We cannot simply profess to remember, in other words, we must become living examples of what it means to be in alignment with the knowing that we are divine. This is an eternal quest, but one that can be approached with small awarenesses and actions today. If we believe in unlimited wealth and prosperity as a universal concept, for example, then when the universe begins to challenge us with the opportunity to share the wealth or state our alignment with the flow—at some other point during the day (which it very well may)—we must be ready to perform in alignment with what we chant for.

Example: You have been chanting the Lakshmi mantra for several days when you are confronted with a homeless person who is asking for money. You have several dollars in your pocket, but you are also aware that you have a bill due later that week for which you are “saving” that money. What do you do to stay in alignment with your practice?

  1. Give the money to the homeless person and trust Lakshmi to bring more flow.
  2. Bless the homeless person with the same knowing you are receiving by chanting.
  3. Both Give and Bless the homeless person, expanding your perspective on what is possible.
  4. Notice where you are still carrying feelings of lack or poverty in yourself which has manifested an experience with someone who is perceived to be homeless so you could see that quality within and change it. You may do what you wish in the 3D.
  5. Notice where you are feeling poor within and embrace that place, and then give to the person as if they were you, trusting life to continue to flow.
  6. Walk away and continue chanting.
  7. Guide the homeless person to a possible job opening.
  8. Other

There is no “right” answer in the above situation. The point of the exercise is merely to expand your thinking and perception of how opportunities will present themselves when you are working with a particular mantra. The goal is to notice the way your thinking and actions are changing as a result of the mantra work, and to observe how your actions are lining up more and more with your core beliefs and life purpose. You will also see how, as your perception of money changes, your experiences in 3D reality change too. We manifest what we most need to see until we get the lesson or the insight from it, and life can then move us along.

Lakshmi and Harmony

We often get caught up in thinking Lakshmi chants are only for accessing wealth and financial riches. This is such a mistake. The real fortune comes with realizing that to chant to the Divine Mother in the form of Lakshmi is to ask for the ignition key to the fire of your own authentic soul. She is the embodiment which helps to bring balance to your inner realm. To bring masculine and feminine components together in your brain and energy systems so as to allow you to come from your most empowered, balanced, harmonious self. For it is when we are in this most balanced inner state that we easily and effortlessly tap into wealth in all of its forms.

If we approach this mantra with the respect it deserves we would be sitting with the words on our lips, envisioning the harmonious state of being we wish to know, inviting it in more and more with each round of repetition. Lakshmi would become synonymous with success in bringing health, balance, love, friendship, relaxation, rejuvenation, and joy into one’s life.

A Closer Look at the Lakshmi Mantra

Om: The initial sound of existence. The great OM, the seed of all of life, here again, we utter it in your honor, Mother , so as to bring us back into the eternal remembrance of our birthright of abundance…that we may resonate with it forever more and never forget who we are in the grand scheme of things…and that we get to be that now, here, in these forms…in a most beautiful, elegant, and harmonious way.

Shreem: Shreem is the bija mantra of this chant. It is the seed. The seed chant is the one that takes root in your consciousness and continues to work on you even long past the last chant you utter. The seed word Shreem carries with it the necessary tones to spin your chakras just right so as to hear each other’s whirl…to align the vibrations in the spine…to allow the rising up to the divine mind.

Maha Lakshmiyei: The great Mother of all.

Swaha : And so it is in your name.


Mantra work is most powerful and the chanting of Lakshmi mantras have changed my reality time and again. I encourage you to have your own experience with how mantra chanting works for you. Start today. Begin with 40 committed days of chanting and document your results. I would love to hear about it!