How Using Mantra Heals

In Sanskrit, the word mantra refers to the repetition of a certain sound or phrase and is a deeply healing, life-altering practice. Mantra is easy to incorporate for both personal-empowerment and general health, due to its simplicity and accessibility to all. Through the act of merely repeating certain sounds aloud, or to oneself, the vibration of the cellular structure of the body is altered in such a way that health can be realized, greater prosperity can be known, and general well-being can be integrated into one's being.

How does this work?

The body is made up of energy or vibration. Basically, various vibrations create the density of the body as well as every experience one has. Like-vibrations attract, so sounds and words which correlate to unpleasant experiences will create such, as will sounds and suggestions that correlate to more desirable outcomes. So, for example, thought-form and words related with “sickness,” when repeatedly spoken and thought upon, will inevitably create the vibratory quality equating with sickness, whereas, speaking and thinking words of health, healing and empowerment will replicate themselves as vibratory qualities in the body, and therefore, experiences to match.

Where Mantra Originates

In the east, including yoga and Ayurvedic medicine, and Tibetan and Buddhist wisdom, it is known that certain sounds pluck the chakras (or energy centers within the spinal column) in certain ways, much like a pick strums a guitar and creates particular sounds. By chanting intonations of different words and syllables, one can re-tune the subtle fields of the body to be in harmony, equating with good health and positive experiences. So, by using either single seed mantras, such as YAM, RAM, or AUM, or full chants such as Om Namah Shivayah, the chakras of the body are vibrated at a certain rate, and therefore, a higher state of health, awareness and experience can be realized.

Mantras and Chakras

It is generally thought that certain seed mantras relate to certain chakras – such as LAM with the root center and OM with the third eye. In reality, seed mantras are just that – seed vibrations for imbuing any part of a person or body with the particular quality of that seed sound. So, for example, LAM has largely been associated with the root chakra – this is because it helps to ground energy into the body and field. If LAM is instead used while focusing on other chakras, like the third eye, the quality of grounding will be offered to the mental capacities, helping one to better manifest ideas into form.

The sound OM has long been thought to be for opening the third eye, and though this is true, it can also be chanted as an over-all tonic for assisting the entire being in remembering its divine connectivity. OM is a seed mantra for awakening, and many believe this to be the sound of original creation.

Yantras and Mantras

Yantras are physical, outward representations of mantras. When mantras are allowed to be used in the presence of say, sand, on a surface which can vibrate with the mantra, the sand will rearrange itself in accordance with the vibratory matrix of that sound. It has been shown (and you can verify this on YouTube) if OM is chanted into such a sound chamber or vibrating board, the sand will arrange itself into what has been named the Sri Yantra – which is a perfect representation of the masculine and feminine principles in complete balance and harmony. Therefore, it can be seen how using the mantra OM can help one to come into balance within.

Using Mantras

Mantras are powerful, but like many self-healing tonics, herbs and otherwise, they must be used consistently over a period of time to really initiate lasting change. Chanting any mantra for 40 days is a powerful way to manifest the benefits of that mantra, and using one for 108 days (the traditional number of beads on a Tibetan or Indian mala) is even more so.

To use any mantra, the technique called japa is a great place to start. Japa simply means repetition, so japa with a mantra is commonly the continuous repetition of a certain sound or phrase. For example, using the sound OM, repeated 108 times will imbue one's field with the quality of said mantra. Then, repeating that mantra for 40 or 108 days, 108 times each day, is the true way to reap the benefits of mantra.

There are three ways to chant mantras:

1. Out Loud: so as to hear the chant and make sure the intonation is correct (as this is important).

If you are unsure of the pronunciation of a chant or mantra, you can often look these up on YouTube and hear someone else chanting.

2. Quietly to Oneself: to still hear the sound, but bring it closer to self. (This is actually more powerful than the first technique).

3. Silently to Oneself: in the mind. This is actually the most potent form of mantra, though starting with the previous two helps to train one to hear the mantra inside the head.

Powerful life-altering results have been received and created through the use of mantra, such as greater abundance, healing, receiving a new job or home, removing blocks to a certain desire and helping one to learn something quicker. The choice of mantra depends on what effects or results are desired.

Here are a few Sanskrit mantras and their uses that can be tried for either 40 or 108 days. Use and expect miraculous results, and then don't be surprised when these results are realized.

To see increased abundance in all areas of life (not just money):

Om Shreem Maha Lakshmiyah Swaha

For the removal of blocks keeping you from success and happiness

Om Gum Ganipatiaya namaha or simply “GUM”

To dissolve that which is no longer serving you and your path

Om Namah Shivayah

Affirmations can also be used as mantras, repeated for the same duration to realize dramatic results:

To draw in the perfect partner

I now see, align and unify with the one who is in harmony with my evolution in every way

To find the perfect home

I live in the perfect environment for my personal growth, enjoyment and evolution and it is easily affordable and delightful to my soul

To transmute past traumas

I am safe and fully supported by life

As you can see, there are a myriad of ways to use the power of mantra for healing and evolution in every day life. Try out 40 days of mantra practice and notice how life transforms in ways previously inaccessible. This ancient technique will astonish and reward those who dedicate themselves to the practice.


By Stasia Bliss