The Importance Of Balanced Masculine & Feminine Energy In Manifestation

Just do it. Failure is not an option. No guts, no glory. Do or do not, there is no try.

Common sense in our culture holds that only hard work begets rewards and that doing, and not being, is the hallmark of success. To reach a goal, we are told to aim high, work hard, put the pedal to the metal and the nose to the grindstone and get ahead. On top of that, our level of success also dictates our self-esteem. If we do not find success in our worldly endeavors, we cannot claim to be upstanding, or even whole, individuals.

Although it cannot be argued that doing nothing will help us accomplish our goals, it is also all too true that this “can do” attitude, when put into overdrive, can cause burnout, accidents, and illness. It can also lead to having a selfish attitude where we ignore those around us in favor of our own success. All of these factors can mean that a make or break mentality might actually, in the end, sabotage our health and success, not to mention that of those around us. And success that costs us our wellbeing and relationships cannot be deemed success at all.

All of these potential maladies are actually a reflection of a lack of balance in our culture—specifically a lack of balance between the active masculine energy and the receptive feminine energy. We have overindulged in the masculine: the hunter, the competitor, the go-getter, the one with the eyes on the prize. We have undervalued feminine strengths such as intuition, emotionality, receptivity, nurturing, listening, and community-mindedness.

The feminine aspect is that which tells we are lovable no matter what we accomplish. Being, instead of doing, allows us to connect with ourselves, with our higher power and inner guidance, and also helps us to realize how interconnected we are—and that we truly do nothing on our own.

When we are focusing on manifesting success, abundance, or new opportunities into our lives, using the masculine energy to motivate us, make plans, and focus on our goals is a good place to start. There is nothing inherently wrong with doing energy, or masculine energy, but when it is imbalanced with feminine energy it does become problematic. We need the fire of the masculine to move beyond dreaming and inactivity and into action.

But if our doing energy is not tempered and balanced—by relaxing, taking time to care for ourselves, listening to guidance and messages from those around us, and even allowing our dreams to unfold in a beautiful, synchronistic manner around us—we will not be as successful at manifesting our dreams—and also run the risk of exhaustion and lack of awareness at what is going on around us.

When we are mindful and conscious manifestors and utilize masculine and feminine energy in a balanced way we can be powerful creators without becoming burned out. We can find grace in the process, much like a well-choreographed dance. We can find peace in how our personal goals affect the world at large and ease in a flow of creation which looks more like a stream gently cascading down a mountain than a hole being drilled into a rock.