New Information Is Revealed Under The Scorpio New Moon

Fasten your seatbelts for the New Moon in Scorpio on Sunday, October 27, when the Sun and Moon in Scorpio will be directly opposite revolutionary Uranus in Taurus. Uranus is the planet of innovation that likes to upset the status quo. When it is placed in the earth sign of Taurus, it reconfigures finances, values, and possessions. The energy of Uranus gives us lessons about non-attachment and surrender. When the Sun and Moon are in the intense water sign of Scorpio, as they will be on October 27, deep emotions and passionate feelings also are brought to the surface to be healed. This is a time when existing relationships, alliances, and financial arrangements can be upset and realigned so they may proceed on a more effective basis.

With a total of 4 planets in the intense and passionate water sign of Scorpio (Sun, Moon, communicative Mercury, and loving Venus), you will experience deep feelings about the people and causes you care about. Your feelings of loyalty and your willingness to “do whatever it takes” will be your saving grace. You will be wiling to fight for the people and ideas you care about. Your sense of commitment will be tested. A strong determination and willpower will get you through.

It also is a wonderful time to get into a relationship that enables you to experience the depths of your psyche—and the psyche of your partner under the Scorpio New Moon. It’s a time that supports merging and swimming together into the deepest recesses of the mind and heart.

Yet, if you are seeking a semblance of ease and simplicity, this may not be the moment for you. It requires a bit of fortitude to handle the strong energies that arise under the Scorpio New Moon. Typically, complex issues surface at this time—and it takes great concentration and resolve to navigate the complexities of these situations—particularly if they are emotional. A determination to be stable and strong—and not give up—will help you get through. Try to avoid becoming ruffled. It will only distract you from resolving the issues at hand. 

Yet, matters that require clear-cut boundaries and solid solutions are best set aside under the potentially convoluted and deep, churning waters of Scorpionic energy. Examples of issues to avoid under the Scorpio New Moon: financial contracts, large purchases, and medical procedures, particularly surgery. If you are looking for crystal-clear clarity under the Scorpio New Moon, it’s always better to wait, especially where undefined emotional or financial issues are involved. If everything, and I mean everything, is harmonious and above-board, it’s okay to go ahead with plans under the Scorpio New Moon. Often, under a Scorpio New Moon, actions go deeper than they need to go, due to the powerful and penetrating energy of Scorpio—particularly if surgery is involved. Nearly everyone can feel the concentrated power of Scorpio and ultimately, it’s always better to wait for several days or even weeks for the penetrating but also potentially convoluted Scorpionic energies to settle down before taking decisive action. 

It is beneficial to wait until the Scorpio Moon moves into the sincere and honest sign of Sagittarius (late in the day on Tuesday, October 29) before taking decisive action—particularly if you are seeking clarity. And waiting until the Moon moves into Capricorn on November 1 is even wiser if you are seeking permanence, practicality, and stability. It is even better to wait until the 1st Quarter Moon on November 4 to see more perspectives on situations that you may not have been able to see clearly under the murky waters of the Scorpio New Moon, where we all temporarily get a peak into the dross of the underworld under the influence of Scorpio. 

The best strategy, of course, is to wait until the Moon is fully lit up under the beneficial light of the Taurus Full Moon, which occurs on November 12. The November 12 Full Moon is the complementary opposite of the Buddha Moon in May. The Buddha Moon in May points you toward simple, spiritual solutions. The November Full Moon brings you back into the shadows of your psyche to discover what has been hidden so you may embark upon a healing journey to prepare for the return of solar light in the spring. The November Moon is also known as the Beaver Moon, because beavers become active at this time of year to prepare for winter. Similarly, you will benefit if you use this time to collect information and prepare for what lies ahead, both emotionally, psychologically, and financially. 

Scorpio always reveals methods for discovering deeper layers of truth. But it mostly enjoys the process of discovery more than the process of finding solutions. Whatever arises in your life during the October 27 Scorpio New Moon, be grateful for the increased awareness. But unless what is revealed is crystal clear, it’s best to wait until the sediment that has been stirred up settles to the bottom of the pond before trying to make sense of what has been unearthed. Best times for action are under the Taurus Full Moon on November 12, and then at the Sun’s entrance into the sign of Sagittarius on November 22. Enjoy the deep diving!