#Wellness Wednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 89

Revolved head-to-knee pose/ Parivrtta Janu Sirsasana


Stretches back, shoulders, and hamstring. Can help improve digestion. Strengthens back.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start pose like you’re doing head to knee, grab foot with hnd that is above body.

Press elbow of opposite arm into ground and twist upper body.

Neck and head are twisting body.

Chest is pressing upwards.

Tummy is toned.

Back is not curved.

Legs are pressing firmly into ground.

Common Problems:

Whole back is curved.

Chest is not open and pressing forward.

Neck and head are not facing upward with body.


Someone can be pressing down gently on higher shoulder to deepen stretch.

There does not have to be twist.