#Wellness Wednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 80

Bharadvaja's Twist


Bharadvaja's Twist


Stretches the spine, shoulders, and hips

Relieves lower backache, neck pain, and sciatica

Improves digestion

Massages the abdominal organs

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start sitting with both legs tucked underneath butt. Pull one leg out and bend it over opposite knee, gently twist by grabbing bent knee with opposite hand and using it for leverage.

Base is made up of one hip bone, and top of foot/shin of same leg.

Arm that is grabbing knee is fully extended.

Other arm can be wrapped around back and grabbing bent foot.

Shoulders are back and away from ears.

Neck is evenly extended.

Back is as straight as possible.

Common Problems: 

Back is bent forward.

Not balancing on shin/foot


Hand can be gently wrapped around back.

Can just be done as a hip opener.

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