#Wellness Wednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 76

Noose Pose/ Pasasana

Noose Pose/ Pasasana

Noose Pose/ Pasasana


  • Stretches legs and hips.

  • Opens chest and shoulders.

  • Can also improve posture.

Foundation & General Alignment:

  • Start squatting, turn upper body one way and hook elbow around opposite knee. Twist hooked arm around legs and grab opposite arm behind back.

  • Press feet firmly into ground and activate feet.

  • Keep belly engaged.

  • Push outwards through chest to open chest and deepen stretch.

  • Keep shoulders down and away from ears.

  • Keep back as straight as possible.

  • Head is twisted in same direction as body.

Common Problems: 

  • Back is curved forward.

  • Chest is collapsed inward. 

  • Head is looking downward.


  • Arms do not have to be hooked behind back.

  • Can also be done sitting down completely while using one leg at a time.

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