The Top 5 Ayurveda Apps

Apps and Ayurveda might seem like oxymorons and, at first glance, they probably don’t share much beyond their alliteration. However, several new iPhone and Android apps allow users to make their Ayurvedic lifestyle easier and more realistic. For those just beginning Ayurveda and looking to improve their diets, their sleep, their relationship to nature, and their overall well-being, try taking an unconventional step towards an Ayurvedic life: learn more about your dosha, find interesting new recipes to support your constitution, practice yoga, learn to breathe better, and find what ails you—with the help of an app.

 Here are five apps to improve your overall health and happiness—just one download away.

Dosha Diet—Ayurveda Food Planner

Created by Meditation Oasis, the Dosha Diet app is an easy way to stick to the principles of your dosha when out and about. A Basic Constitution Quiz helps you determine your body type (dosha), while a Current Imbalance Quiz can point out any problems you might be experiencing due to your food choices. While the app is fairly straightforward, it can be useful for those unfamiliar with the general principles of Ayurveda and, at $1.99, is a decent investment for an electronic guide. Available for iPhone.

My Ayurveda

Think of My Ayurveda as a well-rounded guide to the Ayurvedic lifestyle. While the full version contains plenty of information—recommendations for your personal constitution, nutritional guidelines dependent on your dosha, a recipe book with 80 Indian and vegetarian meal ideas—the demo version has decent knowledge, too. Expect to learn about Ayurveda history and philosophy while also understanding Ayurvedic jargon thanks to a handy glossary. While My Ayurveda is an Android app (seemingly without an iPhone counterpart), it’s incredibly useful in its comprehensiveness. Covering everything from self-massages to breathing exercises to at-home detoxification, My Ayurveda is the Ayurveda dictionary you can carry around as easily as your phone. Available for Android.

Yoga (combined with proper breathwork!) is a foundation in Ayurveda, and this app——has been purchased and downloaded more than 7 million times.  Whether you’re a beginner or advanced yogi, there are 45 programs and 300 various poses and breathing techniques to choose from. The app gives users the ability to create their own yoga sequences, choosing everything from the pose to the duration to the order. Of use is the calendar to stay on a consistent schedule with your yoga practice, as well as the chance to connect with other users. Do note: you can sign in on their webpage to access solid articles, chat with the community of users, and check out specific poses on a bigger screen. It’s pricier than other yoga apps, but worth its cost at $3.99. Available for both iPhone and Android. 

Health Through Breath—Pranayama 

Literally translating to “extension of the breath” or “breath control,” pranayama is an important practice in Ayurveda. Breathwork is necessary to achieve inner balance, and should also be changed according to the seasons. The Health Through Breath app uses digital aids, musical cues, and a structured course that takes users from beginning breath control work to techniques that require long duration between sets of breath. A special transparency button allows users the opportunity to see how their body reacts to breath work by showing organs at work; be warned: if you’re squeamish, like me, this isn’t necessarily a fun option! At $4.99, it’s a relatively expensive app but useful for those who are looking to genuinely improve their breathing abilities. Available for both iPhone and Android.

Cures A-Z

While the name of this app—Cures A-Z–sounds basic, it’s anything but. Developed by integrative physician Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., and his wife, nutritionist Laurie Teitelbaum, the app is a fantastic resource for those looking for alternative, yet science-based, cures to common ailments and sicknesses. The app includes hundreds of health conditions with recommendations for both natural, and in some cases, prescription treatments. In 2015, the app was updated to version 4.0, boasting an expanded list of health conditions in addition to a better support for those wishing to use the app on their iPad. Of particular note is the inclusion of a large vitamin and mineral selection which might be of specific interest to those following an Ayurvedic lifestyle. At $1.99, the full-content version of the app is relatively well-priced, but users can get a more basic version for free. Available for iPhone.

What, if any, apps do you use to support an Ayurvedic lifestyle? What apps am I missing here?