#Wellness Wednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 69


Supported Shoulder Stand/Sarvangasana


Tones legs.

Stretches shoulders and neck.

Can help improve digestion.

Calms brain and helps reveal stress and depression.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start in bridge pose, place hands on low back.

Slowly lift feet off ground and bring them over head.

Foundation is backs of arms, upper back, and head.

Entire body is engaged.

Legs are not straight up into air, feet are either pointed or flexed.

Shoulders are back and away from ears.

Make sure to keep a natural curve in the neck.

Common Problems:

Arms are too wide, not shoulder width apart.

Neck is flat on ground.

Holding breath.


For more advanced pose legs can be straight up in air.

Knees can be bent to help with balance.