#Wellness Wednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 67

-by Kelsey Skrinde | 07/19/2017 |

Table Pose / Ardha Purvottanasana


  • Great core strengthener.
  • Engages entire body.
  • Great starter pose for backbends.

Foundation & General Alignment:

  • Feet are hip width apart and pointing away from body.
  • Legs are bent at the knees.
  • Body is raised up with weight supported on hands and feet.
  • Hands are pointing towards feet, shoulder width apart.
  • Body is straight, whole body is engaged.
  • Neck is engaged but head is not pulled forwards.

Common Problems:

  • Body is sagging.
  • Feet/hands are too close together.
  • Arms are hyperextending.


  • Block can go between thighs for added engagement.

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