#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 62

-by Kelsey Skrinde | 06/14/2017 |

Horse Face Pose


  • Helps improves balance.
  • Strengthens legs and core.
  • Improves posture.

Foundation & General Alignment:

  • Start on all fours. While on all fours, bend one leg towards arms and rest foot on opposite thigh. Bend knee like you would in figure four pose. Slowly pull body into an upright position.
  • Legs are slightly wider than hips distance.
  • Weight is evenly distributed on knees.
  • Feet are flexed.
  • Back is as straight as possible.
  • Shoulders are back and away from ears.
  • Arms can be at sides or at heart center.

Common Problems:

  • Ankle is not engaged, dumping weight into it.
  • Back is very bent.
  • Hips aren’t pressing forward.


  • Stay on all fours rather than sitting up.
  • Blanket under knees for comfort.

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