#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 52

Instructional Picture: How to do the yoga pose wild thing


Wellness Wednesday 52: Wild Thing Pose / Camatkarasana


Helps strengthen abs, legs, back, and arms.

Improves balance.

Stretches sides of body.

Great heat opener/backbend.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Can start in wheel or downward facing dog. If starting in down dog slowly roll body over until you’re completely turned around.

One hand is lifted off ground and foot on same side is bent and used as another base.

Weight is distributed on hand and feet.

Neither arm is completely extended.

Keep shoulders back and away from ears.

Neck is evenly extended.

Common Problems:

Base arm is completely extended and arm is hyperextended.

Stance is too narrow, not enough space between hand and feet.


Use blocks under lifted hand.

Put hand on wall for balance.

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