Why Rosehip Oil Should Be Your New Miracle Cream

Rosehip oil might sound like something you’d find in your grandmother’s cabinet, but it might actually be the secret to youth–or, at least, youthful beauty. Better known as rosehip seed oil, this special oil is a well-known facial ointment for treating everything from acne to eczema, age spots and osteoarthritis. Considered a dry oil, rosehip seed oil is absorbed directly into the skin, rather than leaving a greasy coat on your cheek or forehead, which makes it suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. Need more convincing? Here are five good reasons to start including it in your beauty regimen.

1. Anti-Aging

Rosehip seeds are packed with vitamin C (and might actually be one of the richest sources on the planet) and vitamin A, along with a host of antioxidants. As this website explains, the vitamin A helps to reduce wrinkles and lines by allowing for maximum moisture absorption. 

2. Eliminate Sun Spots

The antioxidants mentioned above are also great at reducing or eliminating sunspots that occur with years of sun damage. 

3. Moisturize Dry Skin and Hair

Thanks to essential fatty acids, rosehip seed oil might rival your grandmother’s cold cream–apply at night and your skin will feel smooth and hydrated by morning. For those with dry, brittle, or damaged hair, try brushing a small drop through ends of the hair, avoiding the scalp. 

4. Reduce Discoloration and Scarring

For those suffering from the longstanding effects of acne scars, or conditions like rosacea and eczema, rosehip seed oil can help. The same essential fatty acids that can hydrate the skin can also help reduce skin discoloration. 

5. Help With Osteoarthritis

Rosehip seed oil is an anti-inflammatory, and may in fact help those suffering from osteoarthritis. A study published by Arthritis Research UK found that those taking a rosehip supplement noticed reduced pain and stiffness compared to the placebo group. 


While rosehip seed can be taken as an oral supplement, my favorite way of soaking up the goodness it offers is topically. Rosehips can actually be eaten, but your best bet is to make a tea if you’re less interested in applying the oil to your face. If the idea of facial oil doesn’t scare you away, try applying two pumps of pure rosehip seed oil directly to a clean, dry face. Or, you can simply add a few drops into your regular nighttime cream for added benefits.

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I can't emphasize enough how wonderful, even miraculous, rosehip oil is. Been using it for a few years off an on (can't seem to make myself stay on skin care regimen) and each time I start using I am shocked all over again at how well it works...truly amazing. By next morning wrinkles decrease by 90% around eyes and forehead, even tone, and redness-gone! I usually leave the house and rant about it to any women I meet that day. I use an my kid's excema/dermatitis...gone in 3 hours (much better than cortisone cream. My kid has been diagnosed 6 months ago with some common chilhood skin virus that last for up to a year...the many bumps are as pronounced as warts and they spread and multiply somewhat! Dr. said you just gotta ride it out. Well.... I got the idea to put rosehip oil on it and 2 days later I go to put more on and guess what? It's gone!! I told my dermatologist about this miraculous oil and she had no clue about it. She's used to selling her fancy $300 dollar facial creams that peels your face off (I tried it), making you look and feel like crap (and you can't go in the sun after tretinoin use). Well this stuff works 10x better and it's painless! If you must use tretinoin anyway, definitely apply only with this oil...no peeling. I would spare yourself the tretinoin since this oil works just as well. Beware you must find a good quality oil..should be slightly orangy for best results. Store in cool dry place and smaller quantity bottles...gets rancid easily. Get it ASAP!

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