#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 47

-by Kelsey Skrinde | 02/22/2017 |

Dolphin Plank Pose


  • Can help relieve stress and mild depression.
  • Stretches the shoulders, and hamstrings.
  • Strengthens shoulders and arms.

Foundation & General Alignment:

  • Start by laying down on stomach.
  • Pick upper body up and use forearms to hold it up.
  • Can stay on knees or lift up legs and put weight on tucked toes.
  • Palms are flat on ground for extra balance.
  • Keep shoulder back and away from ears.
  • Can be looking down or straight ahead.

Common Problems:

  • Shoulders are up by ears.
  • Dropping of the stomach.
  • Back is not flat. There is an arch.


  • Can be on knees if needed.
  • Blanket can be used under elbows.

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