You Are No Fool to Align with Pyrite

Often referred to as “fool's gold” due to its golden luster, pyrite crystal may not be gold, but its healing properties and uses are priceless. Believe me when I say that you would not be a fool to align with the mystical and practical benefits of the pyrite crystal.

Perhaps it is the dazzling luster or steps of sparkling formations that send out light and vibration in every direction which give Pyrite its ability to protect its user. Maybe it is the golden hue which aligns with the solar plexus chakra and mystical Lahun which give access to deep healing and intellectual endurance, creativity and leadership skills. Whatever it is, Pyrite is a gem to have around.


I first encountered Pyrite while strolling the Northern regions of India. I saw the sun shine on a piece of Pyrite and was immediately drawn to its cluster. The man who stood with the stones saw my attraction and placed the crystal in my hand. “Good deal,” he stated...meaning he would make me one. After negotiating the price I walked away with my new friend – the Pyrite crystal – and started a journey of embracing my divine masculine within.

Energetic Benefits

Endurance, strength, vitality, motivation, commitment, protection, assertiveness –  these are all qualities supported by Pyrite. Beyond the masculine attributes, Pyrite also helps to bring balance to the hemispheres of the brain encouraging creativity, ease at working with architecture, mathematical understanding and musical resonance – all things science agrees takes harmony in the brain. 

Pyrite is also stellar at helping release the need to misuse power –  good for women who think little of themselves and men who think too much of themselves. The overall result is the balance of the masculine/feminine qualities in the mental/emotional world.

Physical Benefits

Pyrite is extremely protective in the body as well as in the field. For the DNA, which can undergo a great amount of disruption in our lifetime through emotional upsets, chemical assault and environmental pollution as well as negative mental beliefs, Pyrite is a superstar at not only protecting the DNA, but also in helping to repair them back to their original Divine blueprint. (

The mind is greatly benefited through working with this stone, including an increase in mental clarity, accuracy and mental endurance needed by student and professional alike. It is a great writer’s stone, helping to bring plot ideas together and brighten the mind to receive clearer inspiration for longer periods of time without fatigue.

Infections and viruses are greatly combated through the use of Pyrite – by either wearing the stone, keeping it as a talisman or drinking a crystal elixir made from Pyrite-infused water. Immunity is greatly enhanced through resonating with Pyrite. A strong ability to “get to the root” of an issue is distilled to the wearer, especially if the cause is either karmic or psycho-somatic in nature. Pyrite is the stone to call in if ever it seems impossible to know where an issue is coming from. “Undiagnosable” illnesses are able to be uncovered when bringing Pyrite onto the case.

Some pieces of Pyrite I have come upon actually look like small lungs, giving insight to the benefits Pyrite can have on the lungs and issues that arise in them such as asthma, bronchitis, and other respiratory problems.

If someone is working closely with a person who is ill, wearing Pyrite is an excellent idea as it helps create a sort of natural protective shield around them, warding off any potential infections or body weaknesses.

Chakra Benefits

Pyrite, being golden in color, definitely resonates with the third chakra and manifestation of creative ideas and ventures. This stone is empowering and helps one to overcome doubt in the self, strengthening self-love and self-confidence. Beyond the third chakra, Pyrite actually helps to bring all the chakras into alignment so you vibrate with your most harmonious, divine, authentic self.

The first chakra, in its most enlightened perspective, is enhanced, giving the user greater resonance with abundance, success, and wealth on every level of reality.  

Crystal Resonance Practice

Take a chunk of Pyrite crystal and lie down in a comfortable position. Place the stone on any area of dis-ease or fatigue and begin breathing deeply in and out of the body, emphasizing breath on the area in question. Then, begin to visualize exactly what you would like to be true for you, be it health, wealth, empowerment or otherwise. See a golden light filling the body coming from the Pyrite crystal.

Lay with the stone on the body with no thoughts as long as you feel you are able. Allow the crystal to soak its vibration into yours and fill up your auric field with golden frequency tones. The Pyrite will continue to work with and for you, even after your session is over.

In conclusion

Overall, Pyrite instills a feeling of happiness and fulfillment by protecting against all that is not in harmony with the soul of your being or through helping you come to terms with those parts no longer serving you. For the body, mind and spirit, Pyrite is a valuable crystal to have around, helping to heal, balance and align the body on every level. Believe me, you are no fool to align with Pyrite today and every day! I love my Pyrite crystal; it constantly reminds me of how truly rich I am.