#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 43

-by Kelsey Skrinde | 01/25/2017 |

Reclining Bound Angle / Supta Baddah Konasana


Helps stretch inner thighs and knees.

Can also help relieve stress, mild depression, and menstruation.

Great relaxation pose but can also be a deep stretch.

Foundation & General Alignment:

  • Laying flat on back, make sure to keep natural curve in neck and back.
  • Pelvis is in a neutral position.
  • Knees are bent and bottom of feet are pressed together.
  • Keep shoulders back.
  • Can be looking up or to the sides.
  • Arms can be resting on thighs or on the ground.

Common Problems:

  • Shoulders are up by the ears.
  • Back is completely flattened.
  • Chin is against chest.


  • Blocks can go underneath the knees.
  • Strap can wrap around hips and feet for extra support.

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