Capricorn Birth Stones - Garnet & Ruby

As we step into a new year we are steeped in the consciousness of new frequencies, new energy patterns and the massive intentional waves generated by the collective to “create anew” - for this is what Capricorn inspires. It is no wonder “new year's resolutions” come in with the influence of this sign. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn birth stones of garnet and ruby are all about grounding one into core power and strength for the long haul.

Long prized as a protective talisman, garnet boldly holds the space for one with stars aligned under this enduring sign. The potency of both ruby and garnet and their connection with the root chakra helps to assist one in bringing through core spiritual strengths and gifts into the physical realm and embodying them fully with grace and power. Nothing says “primordial fire” stronger than a fiery piece of either garnet or ruby gemstone. Both of these crystals work the magic of connecting one to the seed of creation and assisting in the process of “bringing into form.”

Rubies have long been prized for supporting healing and success on every level of being due to their correlation to the root chakra and ability to enhance chi, the vital life-force energy. In Eastern traditions, the ruby has been known as one of the 12 most precious stones created and it was thought that if rubies were offered to Krishna, one would be reborn as an emperor. Such was the power of this stone it was believed that one in possession of rubies could deter enemies and therefore retain a peaceful kingdom and heart. It is no wonder rubies have long been a symbol of love and romance.

In Ayurveda, rubies and garnets are very resonant with the fires of Pitta. Therefore, any imbalance in which fire and an increase in Pitta would be beneficial calls for the use of these stones. Examples include the case of a Vata imbalance where the person is feeling overly worried or tired but unable to sleep. Vata disturbance could also show up as discomfort in the joints which could be aided by utilizing either garnet or ruby gemstones. By calming worries and allowing for a good night of sleep the Saturnian energies needing food during this time of Capricorn are satiated. By nurturing sore joints with the birthstone for Capricorn, longevity of action and movement can be ensured.

One born under this sign might be prone to joint issues or overly Vata concerns. If so, the use of garnet or ruby is doubly implicated.

One who is suffering from overly Kapha conditions such as excessive mucous, depression, or even blood sugar issues as serious as diabetes could benefit from the balancing effects of garnet and ruby. Both of these stones help to heal the blood and stimulate the alkaline conditions in the body that support good health in the long run – something Capricorn is very concerned about.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is Lord of time, distance, boundaries and routine. This energy speaks to endurance and “going the distance” with grace and integrity. Both garnet and ruby settle in with a person as a royal, vitalizing fire that ignites a flame that has longevity and staying power. By carrying around a piece of either stone, the wearer can feel a sense of power in the whole body and in every portion of being.

I love nothing better than to start the new year off with a new piece of garnet (and maybe one day, a Ruby). This year I was gifted a delicious garnet set in a pendant that sits proudly and protectively over my solar plexus with the intention of safe-guarding my personal power center and ensuring vital chi flows toward all that I wish to put into motion this year.

Red is passionate and deep. By pairing the energies of Capricorn with fiery flame-colored stones, a sort of ignition switch is flipped on in the well-thought out activation panel of such a Saturn-ruled time. 

Yes, it is time to make new goals and step freshly into routines that will support you in the long run, on every level. So whether you are a Capricorn native, or just one at the mercy of the stars this month, teaming up with garnets and rubies will help to make this new year transition feel more powerful and empowered.