The 7th Chakra & Your Relationship To The Universe

Welcome to the final article of the chakra series. We have reached the crown, the seat of cosmic consciousness and divine intelligence. This is the center that transcends all the individuality that your lower chakras have worked so hard to create. This is where you step into the experience that ALL IS ONE.

What does cosmic consciousness even mean? I am going to give you my answer to an age-old riddle. It means we are having an encounter with ourselves. Not our individual, small ego, self, but our Self that is eternal, all-knowing, and all-pervasive. We realize that we are one with higher intelligence and that we are inseparable from this divine relationship. We realize that the entire reality that we exist in does indeed respond to our thoughts and emotions and that this reality shifts as our thoughts and emotions shift. When we hold the reigns of our inner world we are consciously holding the reigns of our outer world. If the chakras are stacked harmoniously then this play of you as a creator is done with the utmost integrity and love.


There Are No Limitations

Cosmic consciousness is the place where an encounter with the God Mind is possible. This is the place where inspiration, ideas, and new perspectives are created. There are no limitations in this energy center. It is my absolute favorite for this reason.

The journey of the human soul starts at creation and ends at creation. In the midst of the journey, the soul gets to experience itself as a separate individual entity for the purpose of curiosity, joy, and the embodiment of free will: choice. It’s a gift. As we move through the chakra centers the soul begins to experience more and more of its depths and possibilities. It leads the soul to the crown chakra where it has an encounter with itself as the inner (individual) and outer (creator mind). It realizes that all is One and from here this information informs the lower energy centers which ultimately inform our belief systems and we change the way we behave in this earthly plane. So the seat of  Cosmic Consciousness is an experience with oneself or ONE.


Visionary & Tangible

To make this experience tangible in our physical world it is important that we build our chakras from the ground up. The gift that the crown chakra will give you needs to be rooted in this earthly plane to effectively make a change or it will be lost to what we know as “spiritual bypassing.” We need to be able to stand confidently in our mission using words that people can connect to. Our relationship to power has been sorted in the first three chakras so we don’t need to prove ourselves right or anyone else wrong. We sweetly reside in our unwavering truth. Our heart is open and we serve humanity, not just our family and ourselves. The throat is open to allow the truth to move through freely and our third eye can see beyond the illusion. The crown can now open and root through these systems to influence them all with energy beyond anything you have known yourself to be. This is the seat of the visionary, the change maker, the future dreamer of our earth.


Our Reality Is Our Belief

Our reality is based on belief systems that have been perpetuated over time. This enhances as the collective agrees and perpetuates the collective belief. What happens when people have experience with the Cosmic Consciousness? They realize that beliefs create realities and they begin to create one that produces more harmony on earth. You step into your dharma; you step into your Service to this planet. It's exciting and limitless. This new level of consciousness informs your intent and focus and touches all of your activities. It is as if you are hovering over the dramas of earth, radiating sun with you as you walk.


The Crown Chakra Is Delicate

The crown chakra is located on top of your head, the closest point to the stars. This is the place where our soul inhabits the body and it is the place of departure from the body. It is the beginning and the end, the alpha and the omega, the inner and the outer. If you put your attention to the top of your head you can begin to feel its sensation.

When I am stuck in my individual mind, it is like a hand is pressing on my head. When I am reading the cosmic mind then this center is itchy and active, letting me know it is turned on.

This center is always on, listening to every thought we think. It's truly the master of the law of attraction. It will draw to you and prove to you that what you believe is real. In Sanskrit, the crown chakra is referred to as Sahasrara which translates into “a thousand-petaled.” Any reference to a number ending in 0 is a reference to infinity. The important thing to remember here is that this center is so sensitive and delicate that is responds to all thoughts we think. We truly do need to meditate and quiet our own minds to be able to perceive the stillness of what is possible. It is in the stillness that we can get clarity and see the reflection in the water of God’s Thoughts, which are our thoughts, which is our greatest joy.


Signs Of Imbalance

Being stuck in your individual drama, mental looping over and over again without change, means there is some healing that needs to happen. All humans need to be heard, seen, witnessed, and acknowledged for there to be any inkling of moving on. Here is a list of conditions related to a crown chakra imbalance:

  • depression
  • alienation
  • confusion
  • boredom
  • apathy
  • inability to Learn
  • repetitive, limiting thoughts
  • “I can’t” thoughts


Signs Of Balance

  • the ability to feel bliss
  • understanding
  • compassion
  • knowingness
  • meaning
  • service
  • focus
  • inspiration


It All Works Together

The crown chakra is an exhilarating place to be. It does come with a warning though. This warning is included in the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali as well. You cannot depend on herbs, drugs, mantras or the like to maintain this opening. It is through your conscious efforts of mediation and connection that this center begins to stay open and work for you. If it is opened prematurely people can become stuck in the illusion and they won’t have the capacity to transform the earthly plane.

The point of working from the ground up to the crown is so that there is a stacking of your energy centers through the central column of your spine. The crown chakra needs to keep its roots into the earth to maintain its fullness. We are meant to descend our cosmic connection through our bodies into the earth we live in. We are not meant to escape.

Through creating new beliefs by tapping into this endless well then we can construct our new reality from there. It really just takes a few people willing to have a voice and use it to change the old paradigm.

The ones coming in now and for the last 20 years are operating with a different system—one that honors freedom and liberation over money and greed.


How To Balance The Crown Chakra

I am going to burst your bubble here. It takes daily effort that is consistent with pure intent. Meditation is the key. A relationship to meditation gives you a firm foundation into tapping into the place of stillness so that the highest clarity can be perceived. If there are ripples in your mind then what you are perceiving has gone through the filter of your own thoughts, emotions, and experiences, and this can be limiting.

Yoga is a wonderful asset to calm your mind by aligning your breath with movements. Mantras quiet your mind. Plant medicines can give you a short-lived experience of what is possible but it is your own efforts that make it all stick.

Know that all systems work together so having a diet that works for YOUR body is important. Being mindful of stimulants is also important as is surrounding yourself with people that support your limitless being rather than intruding on your energy field with beliefs that feel confining.

We are in essence just energy so please take care of yourself, your environment, and what you ingest, physically, emotionally, mentally, socially, and environmentally.

Then step into your gift as a peacekeeper and agent of change.