If We Knew Better ... How to Connect with Our Higher Consciousness

If we knew better, we’d do better...

... think so? History shows that the knowledge alone doesn’t prevent repetitive behaviors or events from reoccurring. This doesn’t mean we can’t do better, it just means that knowledge is no guarantee for a realization of information. There is a built in inertia in us, preventing or slowing down our process from knowing, experiencing, understanding to realizing.

Never before in human history have we been able to access so much information as today, but has it changed any of the outcomes? We are still at war with another, we still have racism and degrade the feminine, and we still believe in collectively propagated lies and half-truths. If we really wanted things to be better, why wouldn’t we naturally embrace the opportunity to know better?

For the aware observer the amount of knowledge available isn’t really the issue anymore. What appears to be a bigger problem is the discernment of underlying agenda and trustworthiness of the source of information. While it seems to be politically correct to whistleblow all kinds of different versions of truth, it has become increasingly difficult to choose which kind of information we can rely on. It’s not a matter of what you know anymore, but where you know it from.

Doing better is not a matter of knowing better anymore; it has become a matter of choosing better.

A good example is the fluctuating use of nutritional information over the past 30 years. Since I was in college I have been observing how several waves of misinformation manipulated our consumer behaviors and choice making in regards to healthy foods – to no avail. People are sicker than ever and the use of pharmaceuticals and numbing agents is skyrocketing.

So, how can we make better choices if what’s supposed to be healthy today may turn out to be harmful tomorrow?

Another thing that can be observed in the context with the relativity of truth is that the gap between knowledge and implementation is becoming larger. In all our confusion about which information to trust and how to do the right thing, we seem to more and more opt out by choosing what brings the fastest result or greatest ego gratification. Aware of it or not, the majority of people on this planet make their decisions based on an unconscious mental-emotional-ego-rationale, rather than their ratio or a functioning inner truth detector for that matter.

However there is no judgment meant by this statement. It’s an understandable reaction to confusion, especially if we have no other compass to rely on. Fact is, knowledge is only a very small part of our conscious decision making process, and the more choices we have, the harder it gets to make a rational decision anyway. Nowadays, our options to ‘do the right thing’ or ‘make a good choice’ have become so complex that our cognitive mind is barely a good source to rely on.

To know better we need to understand first

The bottom line is: If we want to know better we need to find an inner way to discern the truth level of information! And if we really want to know better to do better, we need to shift our attention to understanding rather than knowing. Understanding means being able to internalize knowledge and to discern truth; and to do this we need to experience knowing, so that we can understand it.

The key ingredient to understanding is our consciousness. With increasing levels of consciousness, our ability to recognize truth develops simultaneously - and with it the realization that we actually know nothing. Knowledge doesn’t mean anything until we internalize the meaning for us. Therefore, in total contrast to our popular belief system that only objectivity would allow for truth, true understanding has to be connected with our subjective experience! If you want to go a step further, you could even conclude that doing better is the process of understanding better what you are experiencing.

Energetically seen, consciousness is the driving force behind all evolution – and evolution is the process of constant improvement, change, updating and healing – which is also why we call healing work Consciousness Work. What I am talking about is a high frequency syntropic energy field that emanates from the Universal Consciousness permeating our personal energy field through several energetic gateways within us. In simpler words: Universal Consciousness is the Divine Spark that nobody can explain, yet subjectively experience regardless of whether we believe in a God Force or not.


Sure, this may just express my personal view on Divinity, but we all know that there are things that can be perceived beyond the limitation of our minds. These ‘things’ are subjective in nature, yet seen on a larger scale show incredible similarities. If compared with the individual experiences of hundreds and thousands of people truth condensates into one common denominator – our Higher or Divine Consciousness.

To understand better, we need to connect within and allow our Divine Consciousness to dissolve the limitations of our Ego

Through connecting with our Higher Consciousness we can perceive truth via our built-in energetic senses. Oftentimes this means that we need to learn how to bypass our mental or physical senses first. Later we can learn how to bring all of our sensory perception back into congruence to become even more accurate. However, the single most needed ability to activate our inner compass is the ability to connect with our Heart Field – one of our main energetic gateways that can plug us into the Universal or Divine Consciousness Field.

Connecting with our heart seems to be the biggest challenge for most, as it mainly means overcoming one's ego dominance over decision-making. Going back to my initial statements, this can be seen as one theory as to why we are collectively manipulated into ego-gratification.

In order to understand what our ego cannot know we need to be willing to relinquish our attachment to our falsely advertised objectivity and find ways to trust in our subjectivity.

Trusting in our higher perception can take a little bit of time and inconvenient inventory taking. However, anyone who feels prompted or wants to see things as they are, and to discover the deeper truths of existence, will likely endure the ego-pains of learning how to become a living truth detector! The reason for that is that a person’s higher consciousness is already intact at all times – it’s just a matter of overcoming ego patterns and conditioning to allow the connection into our awareness. Therefore, whether or not we are ready for this internalized experience of truth through our Higher Consciousness is not a question of our momentary ability, but ultimately of our willingness to see things beyond the predigested versions of truth.

Working with energetically sensitive people and providing a platform for connecting with and exchanging of inner experiences at www.transCODES.com has not only empowered many people to explore their inner compass of truth, but has also shown to be very effective way of reactivating other abilities such as self-healing and reconnecting with our life’s purpose and manifestation powers.

Experiences in Practical Connecting Work:

For example, our free monthly “Connecting with your True Self “ remote energy session is known for its often surprising depth. It may be offered here as a free modality, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not extremely valuable for our journey. On the contrary, our True Self resonance is the most self-propelling and heart-expanding energy field within our energy body and directly linked to the development of our Higher Consciousness.

The intensity of your subjective experience during energy sessions and the emergence of deeper insights are up to your willingness to allow your inner guidance and consciousness to take over. From my perspective the inner energetic connection process during an energy session happens regardless of whether a person is able to feel, sense or perceive it at the moment; it can even proceed if you fall asleep during a transMISSION.

On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that energy work can proceed without a person’s consent, but our intellectual overlay is often in direct opposition to our intention, and with it our inner perception -- which can take a little time to overcome. It is also the reason why our popular Sacred Self-Healing Course and most of our meditation tools are based on bypassing our mental field through strengthening the Sacred-Heart Field within a person.

Many first-timers do experience the energy work, but are unaware of what they are experiencing. Often days or week after a session, sudden insights or promptings occur synchronistically. This is caused by a delay of the transcoding holographic information form our higher consciousness into dualistic brain waves of our mental consciousness. The process of making higher resonances such as information through our Higher Consciousness accessible for our mind takes practice and very much depends on the amount and depth of mental and emotional layers of resistance. In the beginning, a great deal of energy work is spent on allowing our True Self to show us what’s in the way of our inner connection with our Divine Consciousness – the Ivory Tower of ego and control mechanisms. Therefore, it’s often good to have a good energy coach to guide you through initial resistances.

In summary, our Divine Consciousness exists regardless of our ability to perceive it directly or prove its existence – so, why not explore it?!

If you want to learn how to access your higher energetic perception and how to use it to apply your functioning inner truth detector, learn how to access your inner signals and energies. Remind yourself to ask you heart for guidance and allow yourself to bypass your ego-mind!

If you have been mediating for years but haven’t really progressed or if you are totally new to these ideas presented in this article, check out our upcoming ‘Learn to read your Energy’ Weekend intensives or join our free “Connect with your True Self” session, if you are unsure how remote energy work can help you to ‘do better’!