Astrology For Aug 4-10: Rahu, Sun & Mercury Conjunction In Leo

Planetary Transits and Cosmic Interplay for the week of Aug 4–Aug 10


In this upcoming week we have a retrograde Mercury crossing in front of the Sun in the sign of Leo with Rahu also in the mix.  There is a lot to this very intense energy and number of ways that this can play out, especially when we start looking at three planets combining forces.  Before I delve further into this, please understand that this is not an exhaustive list of the possibilities that one can experience.  Also, this energy is only really going to stand out in one’s life at this time if it either mirrors a similar conjunction in one’s natal chart or if it is passing over sensitive areas in one’s natal chart that are present in Leo. 

Sun & Rahu Encourage Ego

First off, we’ll parse out what having Sun and Rahu together can mean.  This is indicative of one really needing to be seen as important or even of just exploring what makes one individually significant.  With Rahu being an extroverting force and bringing a certain sense of illusion, this can be a time of ego inflation where one believes they are just so much better at something than others are and really wanting everyone to see this.  On the other hand, this can show someone finally finding their path in life and of becoming in tune with how their individuality can fit into this world and work for them.  This can happen inwardly where one finds a spiritual path that really resonates with them that perhaps is foreign to them or just completely new.  This can be a time where one finds a new career path or starts an important venture that utilizes their importance and really brings them to the forefront.  With all this in mind, it is important at this time to make sure that one is sipping some humble tea because overall there can be an issue with overextending the sense of self-importance that is being created.  There is a tendency to either do this at the expense of the mundane things that need to be given their attention or of trying too hard to stand out amongst others and creating problems in this regard.  I would recommend adding two teaspoons of gratitude to go with the aforementioned humble tea.

What about retrograde Mercury?

Now, let’s look at the ramifications of Mercury being thrown into the mix.  Mercury is retrograde which means that it is moving in the opposite direction of normal and also it is passing in front of the Sun where it is closest to the Earth at this point.  I think we all know how Mercury can give issues with communication during its retrograde motion.  Well, with Rahu in the mix this can tend towards a new level of extremes where, for example, perhaps one not only misunderstands the information that is communicated to them but they then catastrophize the possible ramifications.  Also, since Rahu represents technology and the Sun represents hierarchical structures, then perhaps this can represent not only an intermittent interruption of communication but a whole company’s computer and network system failing in some capacity. 

In Vedic Astrology, one of the measures of intelligence in a natal chart is the combination of Mercury and Sun together.  Having this happening in the sky can be a time where one utilizes their skills intelligently to forward themselves along in their career path.  With the presence of Rahu along with Sun and Mercury, it can be about one acquiring a new technical skill or a facet of technology and can bring about a sense of innovation and somehow pioneering into an unexplored or yet to be achieved level of success, a very groundbreaking type of energy.

The “Cruel” Side

It can play out also in some not so pleasant manifestations.  Sun and Rahu in Vedic Astrology are classified as “cruel” planets in that they tend to bring about more difficult experiences.  Sun’s cruel nature is that of having to require sacrificing something lesser with the greater goal in mind.  Rahu is an amplifying agent to a certain degree because of its nature of bringing things to extremes and brings with it a sense of regret from not taking the ramifications into consideration, of being too impulsive.  Since Mercury represents friends and peers, then this can be a time where one goes too far out of their way and prioritizes their greater ambitions at their friends’ expense.  For example, this can be where one is really talented at mountain biking because their friends were crucial and responsible for their development.  But then as soon as the person gets recognized for their ability, they just take all the accolades and praise for themselves and leave their friends in the dust because they no longer need them and the friends are hurt by this.  The key takeaway here with this example is that the friends get shunned and forgotten by the person’s actions.  

Another way to look at this is to explore what Mercury represents in an individual’s life and surmise how this is getting sacrificed at this time.  Amongst other things, Mercury represents one’s abilities and skills whereas the Sun represents government or authority figures.  Perhaps during this time, one’s boss chastises them at work for using their skills that they had used on a task thinking that it was the right thing to do and then after getting berated from their boss they start questioning their abilities and if they really know how to use them. 

Feeling overwhelmed?

So, that’s quite a motley group of examples, isn’t it?  This is why in the first paragraph I mentioned that this list is not exhaustive and, in fact, there are way more possibilities that can manifest from this energy than I could ever describe here or even be aware of.  This is why it is always key to knowing the energies that are contained in one’s natal chart so they can be more adequately equipped to define what the real life ramifications may be.  Like always, I recommend seeking the guidance of an experienced Vedic Astrologer such as myself for further clarity.  :)