July Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse: Closure & Recommitment

If you feel like you are spinning your wheels while trying to move forward and you are occasionally moving sideways instead, this is due to the upcoming Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse on Friday, July 27. This powerful eclipse, which will be visible in Europe, South America, Australia, and Africa, conjoins not only the South Node of the Moon in Aquarius, but also fiery Mars in Aquarius. The Moon’s South Node, known as the “Dragon’s Tail” in Vedic Astrology, is the place where we let go of what is no longer working from the past, and strive toward the opposite pole of consciousness. 

With energetic Mars in Aquarius clustered with the Eclipse Moon and the Moon’s South Node, opposite the Leo Sun and in a tight square with innovative Uranus in Taurus, you can expect to let go of emotional attachments (Moon) from the past (South Node) that have made you angry (Mars), and possibly have offended your ego (Sun). Or conversely, you will find ways to live peacefully within yourself with emotional attachments from the past that have left your feelings (and your ego) a little bit ruffled. Expect to wake up on the morning of Friday, July 28, with a fresh new attitude about the facets of your life and relationships that came to your attention just before the July 27 Full Moon Eclipse. 

A Full Moon Eclipse occurs two or three times a year when the earth intersects the path of the Sun and the Moon and temporarily blocks the Sun’s light from shining on the Moon. This year’s total lunar eclipse will last longer than any other lunar eclipse of the 21st century—with the Moon totally obscured for a full 103 minutes (the longest possible is 107 minutes). It will then take 6 hours and 14 minutes for the Earth’s shadow to fully traverse the face of the Moon, which is also called a “blood moon” due to the Moon's reddish glow during the eclipse. 

The extreme length of the eclipse also portends its long-lasting impact on human affairs. The Moon represents feminine energy, mothering, nurturing, and emotions. Its obfuscation also portends a temporary blocking out of these traditional female qualities in favor of male power, domination, ego, and force. The sad situation of children being separated from their mothers at the Mexican-U.S. border is one of the manifestations of this blocking of supportive, nurturing female energy in favor of rigid rules and force. It will be important for those people who traditionally express healing, feminine qualities to hold steady during the fall-out from the eclipse. Female energy will be back on the rise after the solar eclipse two weeks later, on August 11.

Eclipse alignments repeat in the exact same pattern every 19 years. So, in 2018, you may be resolving on a higher level issues that you last addressed in 1999. Think back to 19 years ago to remember issues you were dealing with and the qualities in yourself you were trying to master. There is a good chance you are resolving similar kinds of issues on a higher level, given your current higher state of conscious awareness—now that you are 19 years older than you were the last time this celestial event occurred!

This lunar eclipse is also especially important to the United States—the Moon at the time of this eclipse is conjunct the position of the South Node of the Moon at the signing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The Moon also was in Aquarius at the time of the signing.  Given that eclipses signify the end of an old state of consciousness and the birth of a new one, we are being prompted as a nation to re-think the principles upon which the nation was founded—so we may either re-commit—or go back to the drawing table.

On a personal level, you will find the same process going on in your own life. The most important thing you can do under the influence of this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse is to re-think the direction you are going and commit to a better and higher path.

The imperative of re-thinking your life direction will be especially pressing for those of you born under the fixed signs of Aquarius, Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. This applies if your Sun, Moon, Mars, or Rising Sign are in one of these powerful fixed signs. If no better or higher path is available, it’s time to re-commit to the old way with renewed enthusiasm and integrity. Sticking to something just because it is familiar will not work at this time. Creativity and resourcefulness are your best healing tools.

Also don’t forget that Mars is now closer to the Earth than it has been at any time since 2003, and thus, will be more powerfully felt. Furthermore, Mars has been retrograde since June 26 and will remain retrograde until August 27. This celestial phenomenon, in which energetic Mars appears to be moving backward from the perspective of Earth, intensifies the power of the fiery red planet and makes forward motion and progress somewhat slow and plodding. Combined with the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse on the South Node of the Moon, you may feel at times as if you are trudging through mud, making more mess than progress. So, expect important projects to be delayed even with the best of intentions. Those things that move along swiftly will be completion of projects begun prior to June 26 or unfinished past business in need of resolution. It is best to initiate new ideas after August 27.

Additionally, be mindful that on Wednesday, July 25, fiery Mars in Aquarius will oppose the self-oriented Sun in Leo, just as communicative Mercury goes retrograde in Leo. It is a time when egos are strong and tempers may flare. Be prepared to take a deep breath, take 2 steps back to gain objectivity, and remain as neutral as possible. A week later, on Wednesday, August 1, fiery Mars in Aquarius forms a square alignment with change-oriented Uranus. Be prepared for sudden changes of plans and for on-again/off-again partnerships to reverse course. You may suddenly feel forgiveness for someone or something you were unwilling to let go of in the past, or you may suddenly discover you need to take action in a situation you had ignored. If you feel a burst of pent-up energy, good outlets can be cleaning closets, giving away old clothes or used books, throwing away excess papers, and generally finding ways to physicalize your commitment to letting go of the past.

In all cases, use the days leading up to the Full Moon to gather information and energy. The days leading up to the Full Moon are also a good time to sow seeds for idea that you would like to grow quickly in the future, particularly if you came up with the idea before June 26. Relationships begun after the New Moon and prior to the Full Moon will grow and flourish. Relationships begun after the Full Moon and prior to the New Moon are destined to bring closure to your personal feelings for a person as they gently fade away like the light of the waning moon after its peak at the Full Moon.

Sit in meditation for 20 minutes before the Full Moon Eclipse (The Lunar Eclipse is exact at 20:21 Greenwich Mean Time* on Friday, July 27) to feel the powerful new consciousness entering our sphere of awareness. Think about what is no longer working for you during your meditation. Be prepared to let go of those elements of your life that are outmoded and in need of a reinvigorated attitude during the 2 weeks between the Full Moon Eclipse and the next New Moon Partial Solar Eclipse on August 11. And stay tuned for your New Moon Forecast on August 11!


*Calculate your local eclipse time by subtracting 4 hours from Greenwich Mean Time for Eastern Daylight Time, 5 hours for Central Daylight Time, 6 hours for Mountain Standard Time, and 7 hours for Pacific Daylight Time.