What to Do When Your Weight Loss Stalls

Late this past August, I accidentally found out how much I weighed. Ok, so, what’s the big deal? Well, for the past three years, I had never stepped on a scale, without looking away before the number popped up. I didn’t necessarily feel overweight, and I wasn’t. However, considering my tall stature, I was afraid that the amount of pounds I amounted to would depress me.

After three years of ignorant bliss, I had to face the fact that I had gained 10 pounds. It may sound measly to most, but it felt overwhelming. In the beginning of September, I committed to doing weights and cardio at the gym four times per week, and trying to eat a less and healthier.

During this time, I got sick, which caused me to lose about four pounds. Surprisingly, I kept the weight off. Before I knew it, I was down eight whole pounds! Unfortunately, for a while now, that’s about all I can seem to lose. Along our journeys to becoming happier, healthier humans, we sometimes hit weight loss walls, or plateaus, which is why I’d love to share some tips to help us move forward toward reaching our fitness goals.

  1. Write It Down: Keep a food journal! I love snacking, which makes weight loss more difficult. So, if you’re a snack enthusiast who wishes for weight loss, write down what you’re eating. The extra time and effort might make you think twice about that calorie-laden, mindless munching. Cutting those extra calories could be the key to success!
  2. Smart Food Choices: What you’re eating is extremely important. For example, 100 calories of chips is going to look like a lot less food than 100 calories of broccoli. Fill up on fiber and nutrient-dense sources of energy, like fruit, veggies, beans, and whole grains, to feel fuller longer, without all of the empty calories.
  3. Switch It Up: After a while, your body gets used to your exercise regimen. To continue seeing results, you must change it up from time to time. This could mean an entirely new form of exercise, longer workouts, and/or more intense workouts. On the treadmill, I like to bump up the incline and speed with each new song!
  4. Stay Hydrated: Make sure you’re drinking enough water because it keeps those muscles energized, and ready for a workout. Drinking copious amounts of water, while working out, helps me feel somewhat full (pretty neat for being calorie-free, huh?). Plus, adequate water aids your body in getting rid of waste.