5 Fantastic Tips To Become More Flexible

Contrary to what most of mainstream media portrays, flexibility is not just for young gymnasts, athletes, and people who practice yoga. It is for everyone who wants and chooses to be healthy. When we are flexible, it allows our bodies to move with more ease and without overstressing muscles. Being flexible contributes greatly to preventing body aches, pains, and bad posture while helping to achieve a full range of motion. Want to know how to achieve a more pliable body? Here are 5 fantastic tips to help you become more flexible, so you can move that body with better confidence.

1. Create a goal of flexibility for yourself.

Set a goal for what level of flexibility you would like to achieve. It could be anything from touching your toes to touching your feet to your head. The first step to achieving anything is to make it a goal. After you make it your goal, then take the time to research and figure out the various stretch exercises you can do to help you attain your desired level of flexibility.

2. Stretch at your own pace while gradually increasing.

It’s always great to challenge yourself while doing stretch exercises, but don’t overdo it. While some people can just go straight into a splits position, others may have trouble tying their shoes. There is no shame in where you’re at, and stretching should be about helping you achieve better flexibility, not harming your body. Take the time to research and find out what stretching practices would be more your pace, and then gradually increase the intensity of them when you feel comfortable.

3. Stretch whenever you have time.

You don’t have to stretch for hours to become flexible. Even just stretching for a few minutes a day will contribute to your body’s limberness. One of the best times to stretch is when you are waiting a few minutes for something, like an elevator, bus, or your food to finish cooking. Stretching saves me from being bored whenever I’m on the phone and the person on the other line places me on hold. Doing a little stretching everyday will add up, because flexibility isn’t achieved overnight -- it takes time.

4. Try practicing yoga.

One of the many benefits of practicing yoga is flexibility. I personally can thank the practice for providing me with a more bendy body, among other great things. Just performing even some simple, relaxing yoga poses can really help stretch the body and move you towards your goal of becoming more flexible.  If yoga is not your thing, then try practicing something else that involves increasing your flexibility, like tai chi.

5. Consume a healthy diet.

What you eat and drink can affect your flexibility. Eating more fruits and veggies will help supply your body with nutrients that assist you in becoming more flexible. Drinking adequate amounts of water will keep you hydrated, making it easier for your body to stretch smoothly without cramping up. Try to avoid overeating because this will only make stretching exercises more difficult.


When you improve your flexibility, you improve your wellbeing. It takes patience when you are trying to make healthy changes to your body, so be gentle with yourself. Most importantly, make sure you always achieve your goal in a smart and safe manner.