5 Reasons to Practice Martial Arts

Martial arts training is considered amongst the healthiest and most comprehensive forms of exercise today, and when used properly, can do wonders for one’s physical and mental state. Here are five unique reasons to practice martial arts:

5) Confidence –  Confidence can make a big difference in the way you approach the world. Martial arts is a great way to obtain some newfound self-esteem. The daily practice of coordination and strength training is enough to reinvigorate your mood, and give you something to look forward to each day. You’ll be engaging in a true physical art form designed to build power and expand your mind. Now that’s something worth feeling good about.

4) Improved cardiovascular system – Humans are like the Tinman in “The Wizard of Oz.” We’re nothing without our hearts, so why not keep our hearts healthy with a little martial arts exercise? A weak cardiovascular system carries a lot of consequences from fatigue and shortness of breath to in extreme cases, heart attacks. Martials arts is a perfect route for keeping one’s veins and arteries healthy, and 30 minutes a day should be enough to keep you fit and able.

3) Greater agility – Much like dance, gymnastics, and other similar forms of exercise, martial arts is a good way to provide one with a full-body workout. The fluid movement seen in martial arts often requires heavy stretching and regular practice, which loosens and potentially lengthens one’s muscles. This is a great way to stay flexible into old age, and ultimately prevent issues such as frailty, falls and the occasional broken hip.

2) Weight loss – All that movement and physical strain is bound to burn off unwanted calories, and martial arts keeps one active enough to drop a few pants sizes and attain the toned look they’ve always wanted. Regular, physical activity increases one’s metabolic rate, which over time leads to further calorie burning and the shedding of pounds. Unless you’re aiming to practice sumo, martial arts can be a great way to burn all that unwanted excess off your body, and keep you thin and healthy.

1) Mental focus – In what is probably the most important reason, the discipline, learning and concentration required in any martial arts field can enhance one’s brain power and keep you staying young, focused and attentive. In an age where diseases like Alzheimer’s and dementia are running loose, and children are regularly being tested for ADD and ADHD, martial arts can potentially help anyone remain mentally alert and focused to meet all of life’s oncoming challenges.

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