The Best Big Blooms For Your Garden

When you’re planning your garden, one thing to consider is the size the plants will be when they bloom.  Some plants are pretty unassuming most of the year, but when their blooms sprout, they reach great heights or sizes.  These oversized blooms can add striking drama to your garden décor, whether they serve as a focal point or stand out in the background.

Wondering which big blooms are best for you?  Here are some favorites.


1. Sunflower

Sunflowers are one of the most well-known flowers with height.  In addition to reaching a dozen feet high or more, some varieties feature giant flower heads that reach a foot or more across.  Of course, they’ll need a lot of sun to grow well.  You can harvest their seeds for roasting at the end of summer—unless the birds beat you to it.


2. Hydrangea

If you make a point to seek out big varieties of hydrangea (like “Incrediball” or “Annabelle”), you’ll be rewarded with show-stopping blooms—they might even reach a foot across.  Hydrangeas tend to like a little shade, and remember to prune them in winter to encourage new growth the following season.


3. Dahlia

Not all dahlia varieties are large, but look for ones labeled “dinnerplate dahlia”—these tend to have the largest blooms, which will be over 6-inches across.  The plant itself will grow to several feet tall as well.  Dahlias like lots of sun and water, and if you want to encourage truly jumbo blooms, consider pruning all the side blooms so the plant will concentrate its energy on the main bloom.  Dahlias bloom in mid- to late summer.


4. Hibiscus

There are many varieties of hibiscus, and you can choose whether you want a taller plant or bigger flowers.  Some flowers, which come in shades of pink, red, orange, yellow, and white, reach as much as 10 inches across, but they are very sensitive to cold and won’t tolerate any frost—so if you live anywhere that’s not tropical, these might not work in your garden.  (If you’re lucky enough to be able to grow them, you can eat the flowers!)


5. Clematis

If you’re looking for a climbing plant, this is the one for you!  Let it grow up a fence or trellis and watch beautiful vine be as visually appealing as the giant blooms, which can reach 8 inches.  Hummingbirds love to feed at this plant, which is available in many colors.


6. Poppy

Poppy flowers can be six inches across and display vibrant colors that stand out in a lush green garden.  They prefer full sun for the best blooms, and with well-draining soil they’ll establish strong tap roots.  Look for bright shades of red, pink, and orange.


7. Angel’s Trumpet

Angel’s trumpet is a lusciously fragrant flower that loves sun and well-draining soil. The flowers can be as much as a foot long and come in pinks, yellows, whites, and oranges and are natural deer deterrents.  However, they’re also toxic to animals and humans, so keep them far away from pets and kids.


8. Zinnia

Not all varieties of zinnia grow large, but some can reach 4 feet tall with blooms 4-5 inches across.  They come in a rainbow of colors and they love full sun.  Zinnia also make excellent additions to a cut flower bouquet.


9. Allium

No, not the garlic and onion kind—although this flower is in the same family, and its flowers look like a giant version of a garlic bloom.  If you get the “Globemaster” or another large variety, you’ll see what look like overgrown onions with round blooms in purple and white that can reach 10 inches across.  The stalks will also grow 3-4 feet tall, making these odd plants a natural focal point for a flowerbed.