The Second Chakra & Your Relationship To The Other

The chakra system is a system that EVERY human being has, whether you believe in energy or not. The chakras are powerful energy centers that can be found along the spinal column with two extending into the head. Last time, we focused on the root chakra.

Today our focus is on the second chakra, the sacral chakra. I love the second chakra. This chakra governs all the nuances around relationship. It essentially is about how we relate to the “other.” It’s our sexual center; it’s our second brain, and it can cause your life to flow like the great Ganges River in India or dry up like the Sahara Desert.


Why is the sacral chakra important?

We left the root chakra knowing that it governed our ability to feel at home in our body and even more importantly, our feeling of being at home on this Earth. Now we move up an energy center to the sacral chakra, which utilizes the raw energy of the root to create the world anew each day.

This is a creative center. It has the power to create actual life and it has the power to be a co-creator with the power of creation. It can be utilized for the manifestation of passions, projects, and ideas.

If this center is off balance, it has the power to attract people who are also imbalanced, though not always in the same way.  When this center is off then you will see power struggles in your relationships and you will see it’s based in a codependent need on both of your parts. Stepping back to the root chakra and affirming your choice to be in body and on this planet is necessary to then accept that you are responsible for your life as well. This responsibility and acknowledgement of choice gives you power. It is the frequency of self-sufficiency that lets you attract interdependent experiences rather than codependent ones. If this chakra is out of balance you will continue to grab for something outside of yourself to feel fulfilled.


Where is the sacral chakra located?

You can find this energy center by putting two fingers lengthwise underneath your belly button. This is the sacral chakra’s location. It extends in front of you and behind you. You can imagine the energy center as a cyclone of energy spinning towards your body from the back and away from your body in the front. The back is pulling energy in from the frequency of all existence and it is intermingling with the blueprint of your individuality, which includes your ancestral lineage, your past lives and your thoughts and feelings from this life. As it extends outwards it is mixing the energies together in a type of unique concoction and projecting them out into the world. In essence, your life experience is an outward projection of this inward blueprint. There is no better way to tap into the invisible realm of your inner landscape than projecting it onto a big screen called your life.

My favorite quote is that life is not being mean; it is only being honest. This great hologram of consciousness that we live on and call Mother Earth is projecting your own thoughts and beliefs back to you. It is a symbiotic relationship. Taking care of her is taking care of you. Taking care of you is taking care of her. There is a sweet spot of balance there. My wish for you is to fully retrieve and claim all of your lost power so the power struggles in the world can cease to express. This all begins with you and it is deeply seeded in this second chakra.


How do we know if the sacral chakra is out of balance?

Start by looking into your relationship with others. This includes people, places, and things.  Do you grab a sugary snack when you feel emotional? Do you stay longer in a relationship or a job you have outgrown? Do you need constant reassurance? Do you experience the following on a consistent basis?

  • fear
  • insecurity
  • trust issues
  • poor boundaries
  • hypersensitivity
  • timidity
  • power plays
  • neediness in relationships
  • volatility
  • fear of scarcity with money
  • digestive issues
  • addiction
  • overspending


How do we know if the sacral chakra is in balance?

A balanced sacral chakra will express itself as a radiating inner warmth and inclusiveness to your demeanor. (Empaths be mindful of what is yours and not yours.) Your life will take on an effortless flow of opportunity and a deep sense of self-acceptance with what is. Your relationships do not have to be many but they are healthy with a flow of communication and care. People naturally give you a sense of responsibility because they feel the steadfastness of your emotions and judgments. Most importantly, creativity is allowed to flow through you in an unobstructed way. Other signs of a healthy second chakra:

  • mastery over emotional body
  • healthy sexual expression
  • compassion and warmth
  • feeling of safety in new experiences
  • ability to step away at the end of cycles
  • feeling of “I can”
  • healthy bowel movements and moon flow
  • detachment to outcomes
  • steadfastness
  • trust
  • efficient use of money and resources


How do we get the second chakra into balance?

I want to leave you with a sense of personal empowerment and capacity to be your own healer. At the same time, I want to acknowledge the deep-seeded trauma that can live in the second chakra, especially when another has crossed our boundaries. Seek assistance there. You can rewrite your story and there are plenty of people who can help.

As a shamanic practitioner, I see great success and value in guided journeys that reclaim lost power. Sometimes if we just ask out loud for what we need, our compassionate Earth Mother will deliver. Trust that. Trust your inner knowing. It can be muddled but it can never be taken away from you.

To those ready to be their own healer, the second chakra loves to express itself through movement. Move your hips; dance; swim in water like a frog; have sex with a loving, compassionate partner; and create, create, create. Get those juices flowing. We are all creators. Make art, make food, make a mess, and love it out of you. Don’t judge—just laugh and let it flow.

That judgment is what is going to block the flow. Yes, that can be an addiction. Yoga is lovely and breathwork can help; work on your relationship with your parents and opening up that trust again or at least have an understanding that reclaims your lost power there. You can only truly ever only be responsible for yourself. Apologize more. Forgive more. Don’t hold on to yesterday and trust that balance is possible and does reside within.