How To Use Hematite to Create Healthy Boundaries in Relationships

Due to extreme heat and pressure within the earth, incredible gems and precious stones are produced. These gems beautify our experiences and offer valuable healing tools for an evolutionary lifestyle. Much like the creation of gemstones, relationships that can withstand the fire of transformation and alchemy (inevitably occurring between two who enter such a space), have the potential to become powerful healing bodies and holders of high frequency vibrations that bless the planet. Utilizing gemstones such as Hematite within a relationship can act as a potent tool to assist two individuals in coming together into a space of synergy, balance, earth connection and synchronization – essential ingredients for successful unions.

Hematite is a deep reddish stone, commonly seen as a grayish-black stone with metallic properties (which is really reconstituted hematite). The name hematite comes from the Greek word meaning 'blood' which makes it beneficial in fortifying both the blood and the life force of both a person and a relationship. This stone strengthens the root chakra and is thereby deeply grounding, most effective in working with issues regarding safety, security and boundaries. It also connects one to the earth grid and helps one resonate with the natural healing properties of the Earth.

In a relationship, hematite assists in creating a healthy boundary around the entity of the two. It helps to bring awareness to the “new blood” created by merging the intention, power and love of two people. When utilizing hematite in a relationship, the vibration of the stone assists in broadcasting a solid arena wherein the couple can find “home.” This can help solidify crucial foundational support on which two people build a life together, as hematite stone is able to tune people into the ethereal field of support available to all. Intending its use within a union helps it to ground supportive “invisible” energy into physical reality.

Due to the color, density and vibratory properties of this stone it can assist in bringing spiritual energy onto the earth plane and manifesting it into a solid state. This is what is meant, in this case, by “grounding” energy. When two people are working on manifesting a life together, their ideas and dreams must have a common thread, and they must find a supportive means in which to ground their life into physical reality. Hematite can help to do this. This powerful stone, also widely known as bloodstone, has the capacity to assist in releasing negativity from the environment. Who in a relationship does not need help in letting go of problems or other issues affecting the union? Who has not struggled with negativity as a powerful force somehow thwarting intimate relations?

So often, two people seek to merge their lives without understanding the incredible task ahead of them. There is a misconception in relationships that the “other” person should somehow conform to our ideals, our beliefs or our expectations. It is underestimated how important it is to create a sacred space, a container in which to work the alchemy of relationship, without the fear of abandonment, exposure, ridicule or power struggles. Hematite can offer such a potent gift as assisting in energetically creating a field of intent that supports feelings of positivity, the grounding of ideas and a sense of security.

Hematite offers a powerful earth connection which links those using it to the core of the earth and the essence of the Earth. By inviting planetary assistance into a relationship, two people suddenly find themselves “backed up” by something greater, secure in the knowing that they are forever supported by the ground beneath their feet. In this awareness, all that needs to be released between two parties attempting deeper heart union and life synergy, can be.

In order to create sacred space with hematite, invoke the power of the stone to surround your union with a clear space within which to work out relationship alchemy together. Just the intent alone, to move in the direction of greater togetherness, is bound to inspire change. With the potency of hematite behind the union, a greater opportunity for success exists.

By recognizing nature's healing gifts offered freely to us in stones, which never exhaust their ability to give, couples can realize the evolutionary benefits of gems in their combined journey of empowerment and find greater ease in transforming their lives together with such assistance.

How hematite could be used for relationships in this simple Hematite Boundary Ritual

1. Obtain two hematite stones (rings, rocks or otherwise)

2. Both parties take time to write down ideals and qualities which are important to them in the relationship

3. Create sacred space by setting up a simple circular space, outlined by stones, flowers, or other sacred or potent objects

4. Stand in the circle with each person holding one of the hematite crystals

5. Individually state your ideals for the relationship within the circle while facing one another

6. Allow the spontaneous verbalization of any inspirational thoughts which support the creation of a healthy container for this union

7. Visualize together a field of light (emitted and invoked through the hematite) surrounding the both of you, fortifying, protecting and strengthening the relationship, while connecting you both – heaven to earth, earth to heaven

8. Take a few deep breaths together and feel the hematite supporting the new, healthy, fresh boundary being created around the both of you

9. Gaze into each other's eyes and feel the new strength offered your partnership

10. Consciously close the circle together.

By inviting the power of gemstones to support their relationship, couples can find greater strength, confidence and empowerment in their ever-blossoming union. Hematite can assist in creating a healthy boundary around two people within which to transform. Stay tuned for more ways to use gemstones in relationships.