Spring Awakening: Find Your Creativity

What do the gallbladder and liver meridians, sour flavors, Spring time, tendons and sinews, eyes and vision, planning and decision making, creativity and anger all have in common? They all live in the Wood Element of the 5 Element Theory of Chinese Medicine. Creativity lives in the Wood Element because it is about action. Just like the small sprout pushing its way out of the dirt to the sun, creativity has a direction of moving upwards and out into the world. My childhood was a continual process of being in that creative space. I was at home in my world of imagination.  Then, I became an adult, and the 'getting things done' part of my brain became more important than my creative side.

5 Element Theory teaches that the emotional strengths of each element are essential for a balanced life. Creativity, self-expression, and growth are necessary for the human spirit. I have to put aside free time for myself to let my brain relax into its spontaneous, artistic, free-thinking, side, because the 'getting things done' side tends to take over, even when it is not needed! Creativity is related to vision and how we see the world. 

In his book, The Creative License, Danny Gregory writes extensively about creativity, "It [creativity] means seeing and feeling the world so vividly that you can put together connections and patterns that help to explain reality.  It means you see the beauty in the world rather than trying to hide from it."

Our yin yoga and acupressure can be a direct expression of our creativity.  Can you see the beauty in the mysteries of your body and mind?  Do you find a higher level of healing through finding the "inner witness" in yoga, your higher Self, or your inner teacher?  How you do your yoga expresses your unique self.  No one moves exactly the way you do or feels exactly what you feel--so can you move in your yoga poses in a way that supports this? As the plants, flowers, and trees start to wake up to the rhythm of Spring, look at your yoga through the eyes of growth and self-expression. I invite you to my Yin Yoga and Self-Care Workshop this month. Along with a yin yoga class, I will help you explore the concept of moving from frustration and irritability into creativity and growth.  Happy Spring!

- Karen

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