September Monthly Horoscopes

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Basmati Monthly Horoscopes: September 

What do the planets have in store for you this September? Check out your Basmati Horoscope with Astrologer Lisa Landis below!



Depending on your point of view or your attitude, September looks to be a good month. Read more here.


If you decide to get out and have some fun with others everything will look bright by the end of the month. Read more here.


September looks to be a good month full of new changes and new beginnings. Read more here.


A month of new opportunities lies ahead; what will your actions be in going for the gusto?  Read more here.


Just like that lion with a thorn in its paw you might not be feeling up to par. Read more here.


Do you want to be happy or right? Read more here.


Meeting new people and making new friends will be easy when you honor the good in yourself.  Read more here.


How happy do you want to be this month? Read more here.


Finances and lessons with finances will continue so get used to it. Read more here.


How happy do you want to be this month? Read more here. 


With the many opportunities that will be available to you, the only one who can hold you back is yourself. Read more here.


When you finally accept who you are, unusual more than normal, as outrageous as your skin may appear to others, it feels good to you so wear it proudly. Read more here.

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