September Monthly Horoscope: Cancer

Cancer September 2018


You have been doing a good job taking care of your needs. Focusing on them has been beneficial for you. You are looking good and feeling good and now is the time to get out and enjoy life. If you are considering taking a short trip or thoughts of going home have been on your mind, then go (if it is a possibility). You have support from other people and that helps to make you feel good. Even if your friends might be unusual, that doesn't mean you don't fit right in with them. Getting out and about will be good exercise for you. So, if you cannot find someone to join you don't let that stop you from having fun this month.


Cash flows from unusual places so don't look the gift horse in the mouth; instead be grateful for those who love and support you. Learn to say thank you and understand you are making them feel good in the process of accepting their gifts. If you have this support available to you why not consider taking a class that you have been wanting to take for a while? Remember that you eat the elephant one bite at a time—instead of going to school full time why not try one class at a time? Adult education classes at your local community college can teach you a new artistic expression, how to operate a home business, or many new things that you might not have considered before. Learning these things might bring extra finances into your life in the process.


A few of you are dealing with a loss in a relationship. Some losses are more permanent than others and some are for the better. In losing a loved one, we lose a part of ourselves. Some we never get back and some we get back even more when we choose the right partner. Either way our lives will never be the same. We can dwell in the past of how things were and struggle with how different they have become, or we can embrace the change and become even better ourselves. Is that not what our partner would want us to do? With the many opportunities that we have in front of us there is no reason that we should be unhappy. Our home can be a great comfort to us. If it is not, we need to communicate what the problem is and suggest a solution for it. If your partner is not willing to compromise, then is that partner who you really need in your life?

Overall outcome

A month of new opportunities lies ahead; what will your actions be in going for the gusto? Will you allow the sorrow of the past to hold you back, or will you take it as a catalyst for change? The choice is yours, whatever decision that you make. We cannot blame others for our own defects unless they insist we have them to cover for their own. It's not like we are perfect humans, so do not hold yourself or others to perfection if you do not want resentments to accumulate and distract you from the progress toward getting there.



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