September Monthly Horoscope: Leo

Leo September 2018


If you have not been taking care of your health, sooner or later, it will be obvious that you need to. It's not like you don't know what needs to be done. It is the actions that will speak louder than the words. Look for a health coach who can help to hold you accountable. It can be a private coach, an online group, or a group you start yourself. Even if you hate to exercise it is time to consider some type of movement. You might even consider getting a dog so that you have to take it for a walk. Remember: use it or lose it. By the end of the month you will be ready for change.


Time to start talking about your finances. If you are considering a raise now is a great time to talk to your boss about that raise. If you have elderly parents you might want to consider talking to them about their wills. The topic might be uncomfortable, but it’s necessary to consider before the time which paperwork is needed. If you are considering a career change, don't settle for the usual; instead, use the inspiration to look for something different. If you are still in a job that you hate, it can have ill effects on your health. So look for a job that better suits you and that doesn't bring added stress into your home.


If you are single, new partnership opportunities can present themselves. Just remember to look back over past partnerships and make sure that you identify the problems in those relationships so that you do not make that same mistake again. If you are in a relationship, working to make it stronger will benefit both of you. Most relationships will have problems if there is not any open communication. Finances is a major problem in relationships, so discuss it instead of holding it inside and letting the problem fester. Now is the time to talk about budgets and what is needed to make the household run smoothly. You might even be considering a move. Just consider all options before jumping on the first one available. If you don't want to move, the urge to fix up where you live, whether it is buying new furniture or just painting, will be beneficial.

Overall outcome

Just like that lion with a thorn in its paw you might not be feeling up to par. If you can identify where that thorn is and remove it, it will be beneficial the whole way around. If you can't identify the problem, consider getting professional help to do that. Only when the problem is identified can a solution be found. Try not to put the blame on others but take responsibility for yourself. If it is something in the past, forgiving those who harmed you can also heal you. That person might not even know how much hurt you carry from the experience. So try not to hold any grudges because they will only keep hurting you in the future. It is time to work on yourself and your happiness. What can you change? What do you need to change? How can you make that change needed? If you can't do it on your own, or don't want to do it on your own then look for that support group for the help you need.


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