September Monthly Horoscope: Taurus

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Taurus September 2018


Keep on Loving You! You are starting to get the hang of it and it is about time. Getting that balance is very important for good health for you. Too much work and it will wear you down—just as too much idle time will bring you crazy thoughts that do not always benefit your mental health. A sound mind and body do go hand-in-hand. This means that our attitude has an impact on our health. How do you choose to see the curve balls that life sends you? Do you automatically see things as bad when they do not go your way, instead of accepting that things are as they are? Your attitude is what will make the difference. Do you allow a divine order in your life? Or are you still playing the god of your own existence in control of everything and everyone? It is much better to lead by example than to try to control everything by force. Only when the square box is big enough can you put the round peg in it.


Even though you feel like going out and celebrating this month beware of the money that you spend. Look at why you want to buy something to make you happy. Always buying something to fill that hole on the inside will be a constant drain on your finances. Wealth is not monetary. Don't try to buy your friends—at least now you are starting to see them clearer. You can see the ones that are with you for your possessions and which ones are more valuable than any possessions that you may own.


Go and have fun this month—why not try something new, something that you've always thought of doing but you have not attempted so far? Talk your best friend into going with you to try skydiving, snorkeling, or even riding a bicycle. Get out and enjoy life; don't just sit and watch it pass you by. If you are single the possibilities of other singles around you are many. Your question is are they good for you or is it a karmic lesson that you still need to learn? If you are married why not renew your vows, if only for a night out on the town together? Are you considering the possibilities of working together? If you communicate the boundaries between work and pleasure and divide the load equally, you can pull that wagon much easier to the finish line—as long as you agree where the finish line is.

Overall outcome

If you decide to get out and have some fun with others everything will look bright by the end of the month. If you don't forget the balance between too much fun and doing what needs to be done, it will be pleasurable. If someone asks you to do something different, unusual, or out of your ordinary, do not automatically say no. Instead, consider the worst that could happen. If it will not hurt you or someone else, why not give it a try? You might find things that you never thought you would like, only because of someone else's viewpoint and not from your own experience. Are you considering going back to school but think that you are too old and would not fit in? Why not investigate an adult education class at your local community college? Taking one class might change your whole future.


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